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  1. Milton Keynes / northants

    Anyone meeting tonight? After Santa pod? Pauly
  2. Milton Keynes / northants

    Anyone still meet around mk or northants, haven't been around for a few years but would like to get back on the scene Pauly
  3. G60 toothed belt

    Hi guys does anyone know the part number or size of the toothed belts for a g60? Had one of these conversions on my old g60 few years back and used to get them from g-werks, I'm trying to find standard pulleys for my new one but will need a toothed belt for the time being, before anyone says, I can't look on the belt to see as it snapped and is somewhere on the a5 lol Many thanks Pauly
  4. what valves for bbs rs's?

    try justmatz dave has all the valves and bolts u need for anything bout
  5. G60 Toothed belt kit

    u need to make sure u can twist the belt 90
  6. toothed belt snapping every week??

    come on chaps help us out? :?
  7. induction kits g60 golf?

    what are ur thoughts on induction kits for the g60 golf? all the ones ive seen are open and seem to just suck in hot air ive got the standard box with a k&n filter. ive had forced air ones on my other cars before that have been enclosed and dont get hot. wot do u think i shud do?? many thanx pauly.
  8. toothed belt snapping every week??

    all the pulleys are in line and its all set up correctly. but something is wrong ive tried other stronger belts a stone guard and a solid tensioner has anyone had this problem??? many thanx pauly.
  9. can anyone help? ive got a toothed belt kit on my g60 golf and a solid tensioner but the belts only last about a week, the belt is at the correct tension but its still shredding the teeth and snapping the belt (2 times on the way to no-rice!) its continued to puzzle me and my friends and i need a jedi master to sort it! many thanx pauly.

    boby the builder can fix it mate. YES HE CAN!
  11. Jabba Stage 4. Big deal or not?

    stop messing around dude, just give darren a call, get it booked in and u will not look back!! darren 01903730006 paul.
  12. Jabba Stage 4. Big deal or not?

    g-werks is in little hampton near brighton so its not too far from u just over the water i used to live in ryde dude. it better if u go to him and do it so he can map ur car so u get the best performance. what u need to remember is its the mid-range on the g60 thats good they were never that quick off the line wen mine gets to about 50 it really goes after it pulls and pulls hard. go see darren he will look after ur needs paul.
  13. Jabba Stage 4. Big deal or not?

    hi mate i got stage 4 from jabba in november the car hasnt done many miles and the oil seals are gone all ready! now i have an intercooler full of oil to fix!! i use g-werks for most things now and i have had no probs but if u get a problem with g-werks products they will sort it out for u unlike jabba who dont want to know this subject is a hard one 1/2 people will tell u jabba and the others g-werks at the end of the day u need to look at who has the best warranty. these g60s need the chip and pully with stage 4 charger its the best mod for the money when u drive home u will tell urself its money well spent!!! good luck dude paul.