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  1. Oooooh a white golf

    Im going to sell my soul and get this thing back on the road
  2. Oooooh a white golf

    I still have this. Its not moved for a year
  3. Oooooh a white golf

    I cleaned the a front wheel too. Now townspec is in I will get a ecu and sort it.... If I survive the Wheel Whores OG meet this weekend
  4. Oooooh a white golf

    Half was a bit of an exaggeration to be honest
  5. Oooooh a white golf

    I washed half of this yesterday, I really should sort my life out lol..... Oh and I might buy a mk1
  6. BBM marktwo.

    this thread makes me poo with joy
  7. Morley Lukes MK4

    I cant stand my euro front bumper, U.S one is soooooo much better
  8. Oooooh a white golf

    He looks great in glasses and a mini skirt. WHEELS FOR SALE COME AT ME!!!!!!!!!!!!11
  9. MK1 Caddy PD130 Custom Build Project

    Yeah so, this is the best thing ever then. I will be watching this
  10. Oooooh a white golf

    Who wants my wheels then? im thinking of changing them.
  11. Oooooh a white golf

    Why thank you for your kind words Sir/madam
  12. Oooooh a white golf

  13. Jake's Bora Project

    Lower it
  14. Oooooh a white golf

    White is old news, red is new big thing! I have just been working out how to tidy up my engine bay in the rain. Didn't get far lol
  15. Oooooh a white golf

    Yeah banter..drivel..... Been looking at wheels today