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  1. Aftermath of rear ending another car - options?

    Thanks a lot for this, really. I'm clueless when it comes to stuff like this. The insurance company was informed I had the accident but didn't touch it. So I believe it's still not a cat D. I'll see how much has been damaged and try and piece it back together. I might need some glue.
  2. Aftermath of rear ending another car - options?

    Yes it's very good generally, and I am pretty attached to it after owning it 6 years. Thanks for that advice, I need to find myself one of those hammers. I'm all for saving more Mk2's! I'd keep it if I didn't now have a 40 mile commute to do in a months time.
  3. Hi, Sorry if this is in the wrong section, or has been asked many times before. I rear ended a car recently, as you do. Now I need to get rid of it. Broken parts The front right wing. The Front Bumper. The bonnet - but has been bent back. Part of the engine bay has been slightly bent. Grill. And the metal behind the grill. The engine is 1.3 fine (although still a 1.3), it's drivable, and it's on a 45000 mile car - with the interior in great condition, and the rest of the car in pretty good condition. If you were planning to get rid of it yourself, would you just scrap it? Or is it worth repairing to sell on? Or? Thanks for any help or a point in the right direction.
  4. Blowing fumes into car through heater?

    Great thanks a lot guys I will check them all out
  5. When I start my car with doors and windows shut it smells like exhaust/engine fumes are being blown into the car via the heater for about a minute. Is this at all possible, and if so how if you were to guess would this be happening. Or where does the air get sucked in from?
  6. Hey there, This my first and I imagine not last problem with my car. It's a 1.3 golf mk2 91 reg. Car didn't start first 2 times of trying, then it did. All was fine after that for about 5 miles and as I was crusing along a motorway I saw a worring amount of white smoke coming from the exhaust, there was no loss of power to my knowledge but I immediately pulled over and turned the car off. The white smoke continued to come out of the exhaust for a few minutes after. As I was by a motorway I tried to start it and starter motor turned but nothing happened. If anyone has any way I could diagnose this problem or even knows what it is I would be very great full for their help.