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  1. camping rules 2015

    were you very drunk last year ???? they were the last year as well all weekend but sadly they have retired due to ill heath this year
  2. Edition 38 Saturday night entry

    keep your band on and you will be ok , ill let the staff know a few are going to be leaveing ect ect any problems I am always at the gate as I camp there in a red t25 (joker) so knock me up if after mid night if needed
  3. camping rules 2015

    the same as last years guys , no wheel spinning no. reving the guts out of your car no handbrake turns no loud music no fires no speeding no drink driving no dicking around any of the above get you thrown off site !! no ifs no buts lets not have a ten page thread about the fires , threres fires and fires a small contained job where people are chilling and having fun is fine a great big two story fire is not we had a much better show and much better camping last year due to the hard line we took with the trouble makers this year will be the same we just want people to enjoy themselves and were on the case again this year
  4. Edition 38 Saturday night entry

    theres no time set in stone cutting driving off its down to the dicking around , last year due to the new rules most of the dicks stopped away so it was cut off abit later we try to cut it off as late as possible ,best thing to do is get a mate to pich you a tent , or crash in a mates tent , how ever if you late i.e. pass mid night then you wont get in because the staff don't have show passes to sell so you wont get in so heres how to get round this 1. get your mate to buy you a pass late saterday night (before mid night) and meet you at the gate with it if arriveing after mid night the staff will show you where to park and just walk in from there 2. arrange with me to get my phone number buy p.m. just in case it goes all wrong getting out the consert I don't mind getting called out of bed at any time to help someone that needs it , I may be a bit grumpy and not very talkative but ill make sure you get a show pass and get let in
  5. Applying for E38 show & shine?

    just sunday is fine but be up early
  6. Applying for E38 show & shine?

    lol muggers more like 6 30 last three years lol
  7. SHOW AND SHINE 2015 - Tickets?

    pay at the gate 35 per person all week end on the friday and gate open at 10am this year as its a three day event this year
  8. Trailer Tents

    sorry been busy with work trailer tents are fine
  9. I need to get insurance on a 1.4 polo (p reg) to get my number plate off then its getting scrapped then I need to insurer a mk1 gti on a classic / agreed pol whats the best way to do this ??? without a load of fuss and loseing cash they don't need to be insured at the same time
  10. Edition 38 2014

    going to be some big changes to camping this year , as were takeing the bull buy the horns and removeing the trouble from the camping , there will be less driving around , there will be no warnings this year any tom foolery and you will be removed from site there will be crew members driving around 24/7 in all sorts , vans , cars , push bikes , filming people being knobs then our throw them out team will be paying these people a visit just and few thing left to put in place then ill let you all know whats happening

    yes your right its will be enforced with rigger on the saterday night to stop drink driving , were a little more chilled on the Friday however we will still throw people off site if there drink driving what ever time of day it is its something that people wanted us to adderss so we have the best we can

    also there will be a no driving at all ban on the Saturday night this is to stop the drunks , however if you need to get off the field in your car , then you will have to go to the seruity tent and you are your car will be walked off the camping field you wont be allow to take your car back on the to camping field and will have to be pared in the car park so make sure you have everything you need
  13. is there a nice sensible person traveling from st Austell and coming to the show ???? I need you help please p.m. me
  14. Beige Mk1 golf 1.8T 20V smoothed bay

    good to see my old car still lives ! sat in my unit years and years that car well done buddy
  15. North East Bodyshop

    if hes paid the man he as the right to say what he likes about the job who or whereever he works ive seen both the befoure and after what the guy did and it was a load of shat ! and if had done that work for me i would of gone back and made him eat it , then again what do i know ive judges more paint work at shows then most have seen