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  1. Elsecar Mega Meet + Rallye Golf Show 2013

    any idea if dogs are allowed? (on a lead of course )
  2. Wheel polisher

    Another vote for mike See my thread http://www.edition38.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=490629
  3. I have a set of mirror polish unlaquered rims. What are the best products to use to keep them in Top condition? And what would be the procedure? Currently I'm using megs NXT wheel polish and then dodo juice wax but I've got a feeling I should be sealing them better. Anyone got any tips for raw alloy wheels
  4. anyone running accuair i-level?

    i considered doing that but was told i would loose any warranty if i did that. i also looked into an extension cable so i could run it through the car and install it under the engine but again nothing. the cable it comes with gives you no options where to install it,its only about 1m long
  5. anyone running accuair i-level?

    yeah ive done the update. the wifi unit is in the boot mate, i know the instructions say to have it outside but would have meant drilling a hole big enough for the connector. where have you fitted yours?
  6. anyone running accuair i-level?

  7. anyone running accuair i-level?

    id be interested in some feedback. ive been running it for a month now and find it really buggy? it drops connection a lot and at least once ive had to cut the power totally to reboot it! also the range is appalling! if your running this set up where have you located the wifi unit?
  8. Ultimate Dubs Show 2013

    i believe the judging is from 4pm on saturday, im not sure what time it finishes?
  9. Ultimate Dubs Show 2013

    we had a great time as usual, we see it as a social weekend rather than getting hung up on what cars should be inside or outside. however i do agree with the comments regarding the carpeted hall. surely it should be reserved for "special cars" i think a great idea would be reserve it for the winners from the previous year. this would give people an idea of who won and also it would be an additional bonus for the winners, and i dont suggest this because we won our class also another suggestion. the DJ stage had tv's either side, considering the judging is done the day before wouldnt it be great for all the winners cars be flashed up on the tv when the winners are announced. for a lot of people announcing "the winner is john smiths....mk1" doesnt mean a lot if you don't know the car? but other than that it was well organised and great fun

    loving this pic from last weekend :wub:

    cheers guys. its nice to get some positive feedback on the cab, theres not a lot of love around for beetles I'm afraid

    christ its been ages since I've updated this!!!!!!!!!!! interior
  13. anyone running ECS STAGE 2 V2?

    cheers for that mate, the master cylinder was my next thing to try. i did read something on R32OC about bleeding it in a specific way. doing the lower nipple first. did you bleed both MC nipples?
  14. anyone running ECS STAGE 2 V2?

    anyone???? :unsure:
  15. anyone running ECS STAGE 2 V2?

    right I'm having a few issues with my ECS STAGE 2 V2 just fitted the kit but the brake pedal is really spongey i mean REALLY!! it almost goes to the floor!! it does stop the car but I'm uncomfortable with how it feels. they've been bled again today with a pressure bleeder running 2.5 bar and there was no air in the system although we never got a strong stream while cracking it open. While bleeding at all wheels, we had clear flow and a steady stream but never a powerful stream should it be coming out at some force? im wondering if the master cylinder is not up to the job of running the boxster fronts? I've read loads of threads about ECS upgrade and no ones mentioned upgrading the master cylinder? Some threads point that the standard isn't up to the job but don't give an alternative but others say it works fine on stock MC id be interested to know from someone thats actually running the kit how the pedal feels