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  1. Tornado Red Mk2 Golf Vr6

    Thanks, it's getting there slowly! Cheers, really happy with the way it's turned out I deliberately wanted the steering wheel further back as I have moved the seat further back due to the floor mounted pedal box. Just hope the distance to stalks is t too far... Yeah I think so, I have done some quick measurements and the cables have plenty of adjustment
  2. Tornado Red Mk2 Golf Vr6

    UPDATE: Finally managed to get some more time on the Mk2 the past few week. Started by re-locating the coil pack as it use to be mounded in the scuttle tray: I then set about making some new mounts for the radiator and front mounting the slim fans: I then did a dry fit of all the engine components: Since the dry fit I have sent all the parts off to get painted and ordered a new intake pipe and air filter. The next job was to get the pedal box, carpets and interior built up: VDO Gauges & Brake bias adjuster: Fuel tank mounted with stainless steel straps: Next was the job I had been dreading the most, extending and tucking the wiring loom, let the fun begin... Correct coloured and gauge wiring: Loom ready to be cut: Slowly getting there: I have now finished the wiring and ready to plug in once the painted parts return. Next was to figure out the mounting of the 02j shifter. I wanted to lift the shifter in the car as I have always felt it to be too low in the MK2. firstly I made a cardboard template: I then sent this off to a friend of my brother-in-law who is an alloy welding wizard and the results are better than expected. I love the way it sit, its at the perfect hight for me: I also installed a D2 quick release boss as its pretty tight getting out as I have moved the column back and down to suit the new driving position: This now brings it pretty much up to speed, the last job I did was start the audio install: The next job is to build the engine back up, install the fuel lines and hopefully get it running! Updates soon. Thanks for reading
  3. Tornado Red Mk2 Golf Vr6

    Thanks for the kind comments! Managed to get the new alternator mounted up. I had previously had the casing powdercoated and was intending on changing this over to the 'new' alternator I got but unfortunately they are different sizes (90A vs 120A). I therefore stripped the new alternator down, cleaned it up and rebuilt it. New alternator mounted up: Non Power Steering & Non AC belt (right PITA to get hold of) fitted with new tensioner: Tonight's job is to start on the wiring and strip out the items I am no longer using... let the fun begin!
  4. Tornado Red Mk2 Golf Vr6

    UPDATE: Manage to borrow the engine crane off my friend so everything was in place to install the engine, let the fun begin: Engine lifted off the stand for the first time in over 12 months... Bay all ready for the engine: Here we go: Had a few goes at installing the engine at different angles and positions but couldn't get the manifold to pass between the bulkhead and arb... Ended up removing the subframe, mounting the engine to the subframe and the rolling it all from underneath. End result all bolted up: Don't worry the cam cover is just a slave part whilst I decide what colour I'm doing the remaining parts. Not sure if to go for polished, colour coded or keep it simple and go black and silver... Now the engine is installed I could mount a few additional parts and get the front end bolted but ready for the radiator measurements: Really happy with the way it has turned out. Now i need to figure out colours, cooling and the wiring... Thanks for reading
  5. Tornado Red Mk2 Golf Vr6

    UPDATE: Finally managing to get some more time on the car now my backs sorted so happy days! Engine is now fully built up, painted and accessories mounted, just awaiting on a new alternator: Hopefully I can borrow a friends engine crane this week and finally get the engine installed!!! Also manage to fabricate and weld in the new pedal box brackets on the floor but forgot to take any pictures... ALL that's left to do now is: - Install Engine - Smooth and Paint inlet manifold - Wire Tuck - Brake Lines - Fuel Tanks & Lines - Shifter Mech - Interior - Wheel rebuild Hopefully I can have it completed for this summer as I really miss driving it. More regular updates to come
  6. Tornado Red Mk2 Golf Vr6

    Hopefully soon! Been out of the game having a back op so not worked on this in a while...
  7. Old Man BAM - mk2 sleeper an idiots guide

    Awesome updates as usual! keep up the good work
  8. Mk1 Caddy 1.9 SDI

    Hey, Thought I would start a build thread for my latest project. I current have a Mk2 Vr6 I'm re-building and just sold a Mk2 'type 19' so needed a replacement daily. I have always wanted a Mk1 Caddy and when this one came up at a good price with decent bodywork I couldn't refuse. The only issue was it was located down near Cambridge so I had another long road trip with my dad to collect it. Collection Day: The Caddy has had a re-spray or 2 in its previous life, had a 1.9 SDI engine installed and lowered on coilovers & flipped axel. Plans are to get it on the road and use it as a daily until I get my Mk2 Vr6 completed then take this off the road and 20vt, respray, etc. Finally home after to its new VW family after the 5 hour round trip: Unfortunately it hasn't got an MOT and the brakes were very spongy hence the need for a trailer. The first job once home was to give the Caddy a good once over, check the brakes and assess the situation. As it turns out its in really good condition with only a few minor bodywork issues (Rear Bulkhead and LH Sill) but all-in-all it’s really straight and rot free. The brakes however are a little worse for wear as the front RH calliper had seized and the rear brake lines from the compensator to beam were heavily corroded. In the garage ready for checks and new brake lines: Replacement brake lines: Once the new brake lines and new calliper was installed I bled through the system and the brakes felt really firm. However, on the maiden voyage out of the garage to check the stopping power all I was doing was locking up the rears… turned out the compensator hadn’t been adjusted when the beam had been flipped so the braking system thought the Caddy had 1,000kg of weight in the back. After cutting the bracket and relocation it to an appropriate place the brakes worked fined so ready for MOT… Unfortunately on the way to the MOT the Caddy coughed, spluttered and cut out. I then re-started and it ran but very rough and cut out once I increased the revs or put any load in the engine! Then came my girlfriend to save the day, her beetle wasn’t even a day old and has less than 50 miles on the clock and her first drive was toing me back home… the 220PS did help though J So that brings us up to today. The car is now sat on my drive feeling sorry for itself whilst I try and figure out what’s wrong with it. I believe that it’s a fuelling issue so have ordered a new fuel filter, hoses and some injector cleaner so I will give that a go next week… Any ideas on what it could be would really help. Thanks for reading, Andy
  9. I recently got myself a mk1 Caddy but looking to change the wheels. What I'm after is something similar to these: Is it simply a case of getting a set of banded steel wheels and fitting some beetle hubcaps? If so, what steel wheels do I need as a base and what hub caps do I need? Any help would be great! Thanks, Andy
  10. 1986 Mk2 Golf 1.8 GL

    Up for sale now!
  11. 1986 Mk2 Golf 1.8 GL

    Thanks guys! Been using it daily and it's really nice to drive and doesn't encourage you to go fast at all haha! Hopefully be able to start the few jobs soon, been preoccupied getting my back sorted and have just got a new puppy!!!
  12. Old Man BAM - mk2 sleeper an idiots guide

    Awesome work once again, you will have a rolling car very soon and from experience I can tell you that feels great!
  13. 1986 Mk2 Golf 1.8 GL

    Hi all, you may have seen my other Mk2 Golf Vr6 build that I have been working on for the past few years. Unfortunately that has come to a bit of a stop due to me slipping a few discs in my back meaning I am unable to work on it. The outstanding jobs are very labour and load intensive. This doesn't mean that I won't return to it but just a delay in the build whilst I'm off work and recovering. Current State of the Mk2 Vr6: Anyway, thats enough of my other project! In order to tie me over and get me moving around I needed another vehicle as I normally cycle to work. I had been looking at something more modern and daily friendly but then I got looking at other Mk2's. I ended up finding this little gem: Its a 1986 Mk2 Golf 1.8 GL Automatic in amazing condition with only 43,000 miles on the clock. Its a 1 owner from new and comes with every MOT, Service and Receipt ever spent on it. Even comes with the original purchase receipt! There was one problem, the car was located in Dorking, 200 miles away from where I live. Fortunately my girlfriend is awesome and agreed to drive down, pick it up and then follow me the 200 miles back. The only worry was that the car had only covers 125miles in the last 3 years so the 200mile journey home was going to be a little tense. However there was no need to worry, the car drove beautifully with no issues what so ever, the only annoying issue was that the FM tuner in the headunit was broken so had to listen to MW Radio 5 live for nearly 4 hours... Once home I gave it a good clean, claybar, polish and wax. It came up really well for 30 year old paint: There are a few little areas of rust such as the lower front doors and rear inner arches but these only seem to be surface rust and will be sorted ASAP. Also there are a few marks in the front RH door but I have arranged for a paintless dent removal guy to come out and sort these next week. I then gave the interior a good clean and hoover out although it was pretty immaculate anyway: The next job was to sort the faded grey bumpers as these were really letting the exterior down. I ended up going for Forever Black Bumper & Trim Reconditioner after a mate from work suggested it and I can also vouch for it. It's really easy to apply and hopefully lasts a long time but I guess time will tell: Whilst there I installed an AA badge that I had sourced a while ago: When cleaning the car I found that the front carpet was wet, this wasn't evident when I collected the car and there was no signs of this on the trim as the car had been garaged all of its life. As its a Mk2 I assumed it would be the door membrane that had come away and this is what I found when I removed the door card: My guess was correct. Since I have done this I have had a good read through the service history and it turns out that in 1990 the inner wastrail seal was replaced by VW. Im guessing this was damaged then and repaired poorly with masking tape. fortunately the door card hadn't suffered any damage and was still solid. I then went around and replaced all 4 door membranes with a tough plastic sheet and waterproof tape: Quick test with a hose pipe and they hold there water no problem. Since then we have had some pretty heavy rain and still no leaks so happy days. I thought as the doorcards were in such good condition I would do everything I can to preserve them. I ended up treating them with a PVA glue based paste which turned out really well: So that brings me up to speed, the outstanding jobs to do are: Remove dents from front RH door Tidy up front lower door and rear arch rust (mobile paintshop?) Remove GB Sticker from boot Install new boot lifters (boot drops and slams shut) Get tracking done (May require front wishbone bushes?) Refurbish headunit Buy new carpet mats Enjoy I was really tempted to get air ride, some nice splits but after getting it home and getting into the history of it, it would be a real shame to ruin such an original honest car! Thanks for reading!
  14. Old Man BAM - mk2 sleeper an idiots guide

    Loving the updates as usual. Cant wait to see this back on the road!!!
  15. Old Man BAM - mk2 sleeper an idiots guide

    Brilliant work! Cant wait to see the engine go in and it on the road