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  1. MY BBM Blue Mk2 Jetta (Daliy Slag)

    Not many cars on this site that I like but your Jetta is killer lookin, love it
  2. Klenk's Caddy

    What`s the pcd on these shape caddy`s?
  3. Klenk's Caddy

  4. Project Little Red

    There's a Reader's Rides section for a reason
  5. Blue 6n Valver

    Gorgeous looking Polo mate. Can`t believe I`ve never seen this driving around, you only live down the road from me!
  6. Dans MK3 Ibiza.

    Somebody posted a photo of this in their own build on club polo and kinda hijacked their own thread, ppl wanted to know more.. looks reet tidy
  7. Strange Tyre Wear

    The tyre pressure is always bang on, I keep an eye on it My mrs has got a fat mate but I`ve only given her a lift about twice and it was only a couple of miles Camber was out on the front but this is`nt adjustable on the rears. Camber sorted now, had caused inside wear on the fronts but tread depth is still very good, rears almost on the limit.. Makes no sense
  8. Strange Tyre Wear

    I`ve got Bridgestone Potenza`s 165.50.15`s all round, had them on since March all brand new. I had all four wheels off the other day. The fronts have got loads of tread left but the rears are practically on the limit It`s a front wheel drive car, what can have caused this?

    X 6OLF P..... I`ve seen ure car in BW, looks nice, did'nt know you were on edition. Pretty sure it had what looked like polished merc rims a while back
  10. 6n2 Army Bound Polo

    I`m also a 1.4 derv boy, looks sick mate. Love the wheels off ure mk1 whatever they are. Front grill works well, what percent tint have you got? Thinking of doing mine in the future
  11. I had Merc wheel trims over G60`s for a bit, back on G60`s now, wanna get them banded
  12. Tornado Red Rallye

    I hope Stoneleigh Abbey gave you permission to take photos there x
  13. Lookin good, saw this rockin down Dale Street the other day
  14. lowwwwwwwww loop

    Edition hates newbies who come on and make a statement. Your best bet is to sign up and get ure post count really high by replying to for sale threads saying 'oh sick, I would love to buy them but have no money'. Once ure post count is over a few hundred you can then make ure own thread Personally, I like ure Lupo, I don`t mind the skirts
  15. Blue 6n Valver

    The boy got taste