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    �30 mk2's =]
  1. White MK2 Golf, White Wellers Pg 8

    So i shortened the struts on the front of the audi which meant i had to do abit of cutting for the control arms not to constantly rape the rain tray. Which made it like this Then sorted out the RHs 90s touring kinda complete.
  2. White MK2 Golf, White Wellers Pg 8

    Crap phone pic, but it was about to rain. Need to get 215/40s on the back, lower the back more. Space the fronts 20mm, and lower more
  3. Polo 6n

    So just clicked your from Basingstoke
  4. White MK2 Golf, White Wellers Pg 8

    Found an old pic of the Passat :/
  5. White MK2 Golf, White Wellers Pg 8

    Ex Mullet Made a trip here to pick up some RH Speiche's 18x8,5 et 55 18x9,5 et 65. Spacers much? Big thanks too Archie for keeping my company. Got spacers,coils and tyres all arriving with in the week
  6. Polo 6n

    Where abouts in Hampshire are you? Theres a place in Farnham that will at the very least attempt to get any tyres on.
  7. mk3 golf

  8. passat

    Needs Ambercators
  9. Dans MK3 Ibiza.

    Get an MX5 and i'll kill you.
  10. B7 Audi Avant S line The Family Wagon :D

    Long time man, Really like the changes!
  11. White MK2 Golf, White Wellers Pg 8

    So all I've done is paint part of the grill black :/ flip winter.