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  1. My MK4 Golf Gti

    loving this, the wheels work so well!!
  2. 1965 OG Bus

  3. New headunit needed

    No the changer isn't standard nor is the headunit, its an Alpine that is good but a good few years old that after a few hours of being it tends to cut out so a new one will be good. As for budget I'd really not like to spend much but I don't really fancy a none branded one as I've seen some good -ish Sony, Alpine etc for £80 or so. I'd just like to get one of ebay really as they seem alot cheaper.
  4. New headunit needed

    I need a new headunit as my current one doesn't have a USB port for my phone. I could also do with it having CD changer compatibility as I don't want to loose the use of my CD changer. Does anyone know of any cheap headunits that have both?? I've looked on ebay but there is thousands and I don't have a clue to which ones are good. Thanks
  5. Just read the whole thread from start to finish, I have to say this is the best MK3 I've seen in a long time hats off to you for the work you put in. One question though, what car did the wife end up with?
  6. Porsche 964 for y'all

    That is truely stunning, I can't wait until I can afford either a 964 or a 993
  7. Iphone/Ipod in car adaptor

    Cheers, I've bought a FM modulator for now as money is tight.
  8. Iphone/Ipod in car adaptor

    I'm looking at the cheapest way of being able to play my Ipod in my car, the problem is my headunit doesn't have a AUX socket. So my options or either buy a new headunit, abit too expensive or my girlfriend mentioned something that plugs into my ipod and then plays through the radio. Has anyone used them?? Are they any good and what are they called so I can see how much they are. Cheers
  9. mk2 golf sleeper

    Wow, Love this, I think it is perfect as it is and you should keep the seats in it. Although if i owned them I would probably sell them cause they are worth so much. Really think you should leave the dash as it is, even if you do change the seats.
  10. Car jump leads

    There are so many on ebay, i was thinking about some 600amp ones?? As they seem to be the only ones that are over 3m. I would charge it but I've not got a charger.
  11. Car jump leads

    I need some jump leads and while I'm buying them I might as well get some that aren't crap. I've looked on ebay etc and there are so many, i need them to be a good few metre's longs as my golf's battery is dead and as its at the bottom of my drive there is no way of bumping it and as its facing forwards I'll need them to be long. The problem is what sort of Amp's do i need, i don't really want them to break the bank just not proper crap. Cheers
  12. My new daily

    Thats shocking, sounds like the car was a lemon from day one and then they have damaged it and tried to cover it up. They should of just put a new engine in it in the first place, my mate is the head mechanic at Audi and he says they do it all the time. Don't know where you stand though on proving that they did the damage, but best of luck to you and hope everything goes your way, keep us updated.
  13. TDiPhil's Blackberry Workhorse

    Love it, looks so good.
  14. Clun9's 337

  15. VW Golf 3 - 20 Years Anniversary

    By far the best Mk3 I've seen in a long time if only it was a 3 door, i didn't know they did a 20th Anni TDI i take it the UK didn't get them, what power are they standard? Are they just the same as a normal Mk3 TDI?