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  1. Mk2 Golf GTi 1.8l 8v restoration

    I know, some reigns released. I ve probably done more to it in 2weeks than you have in 7years to your mk 2 golf conversion
  2. Mk2 Golf GTi 1.8l 8v restoration

    Is there good app to use to convert photo files to URL? So can post on here?
  3. So it's been a while since have been on the forum, due to many things but mainly restoration of house with latest addition a grade 2 Victorian house. However, in between all this I have bought a little Mk2 project to also restore. The car is a Mk2 Golf GTi 1.8l 8v early model D reg, the car has been stored in dry condition in a garage on a lift for 15years. Spotted whilst my daily was getting some spray work repairs done, I couldn't leave it there for another 15years, so bought!!. It has all the original parts with it with only 4 previous owners. Poor little thing looks unloved and tired but will be brought back to life in the near future. I am amazed on condition of all the parts and shell considering age and been stored for so long. I unpacked the car which was rammed with parts and in the process to see if any bits are missing. Plan is to restore back to oem with except of MAYBE the engine but not fully decided yet. Model is type 19 so has small bumpers, front door quarter light windows with mirrors mounted on the door panel. Looking forward to working on it, when I remember how to get photos on my posts will upload them. I am sure I will be asking for help, opinions and advise on getting the Golf back to its forma glory Regards Carl
  4. Mk2 VR6 Build HELP!

    Just like to say big thanks to all, especially Rich.. you star. Put the engine back together with some temporary measures and after a bit of help it runs and very well.... after been stood for 4 years Think it could do with some new fuel tho Gotta do them wires still tho. Thanks again. Carl
  5. Mk2 VR6 Build HELP!

    We are on it again tomorrow! Try again and determined to get it running.
  6. Mk2 VR6 Build HELP!

    sure you dont wanna popover and help
  7. Mk2 VR6 Build HELP!

    Red clip - Red/Blue & Blue/brown wires Blue Clip - Yellow/white wire Yellow clip - Black/grey brown clip - grey/white & yellow wires. Brown clip - Red/black & red/brown wires Still need to connect.
  8. Mk2 VR6 Build HELP!

    Right i ll have a look, i have the full version of Vagcom so thats not a problem. Been told that cam position sensor?? Does anyone know which wires are the immobiliser if its there. Here are the wires that head towards the fuse box from the engine bay?? Carl
  9. Mk2 VR6 Build HELP!

    yeh they are all plugged in. we have a few wires inside the car to the fuse box which dont seem to have a home tho lol
  10. Mk2 VR6 Build HELP!

    Cheers rich, i found the numbers on the dizzy cap and tallied them up on the engine from under the rocker cover. And the sparks keep going so guess there isnt a immobiliser... Thanks for all this help really appreciate it. Keep helping tho!! Carl
  11. Mk2 VR6 Build HELP!

    hmmm when i got the engine,loom etc no keys tho..... so i am guessing the mk3 has a built in engine imob in the ECU.
  12. Mk2 VR6 Build HELP!

    Cheers thought it was a OBD1, got it kinda apart now.. hence the haste. Is this the firin order 1-5-3-6-2-4, i can then check. I ll pull the leads out and sparks and ground them to check see if they are firing in the right order. I cant find a marker on the bottom crank shaft drivers side to check agains the cams TDC? Carl
  13. Mk2 VR6 Build HELP!

    obd 1 i think... how can i tell?
  14. Mk2 VR6 Build HELP!

  15. Mk2 VR6 Build HELP!

    Depends what you class as firing, just wont idle or run... just keeps turning over. I ve pulled it apart and know the injectors are fueling, the spark plugs are sparking, i have compression in the cylinders. Just wone run. Dont think it has an immobiliser... pretty sure it doesnt. I ll have a look around the wiring loom, but i cant see a reason why it wont ignite.... hence the timing thought?? Doing my head in Carl