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  1. My Mk2 16vG60 Project

    A few people have asked if I have pics of the engine bay so here they are. Still a work in progress though!
  2. My Mk2 16vG60 Project

    Yeah they are really comfy these have been padded and trimmed by plush automotive and they are lovely to be honest!
  3. My Mk2 16vG60 Project

    I'm near Peterborough mate so no not really! Lol
  4. My Mk2 16vG60 Project

    Cheers mate, I am currently stripping some bits from the bay again ready for a bit of powdercoating so more bay pics will be incoming once that's done.
  5. My Mk2 16vG60 Project

    Bit of mad month! Managed to get most of the bits done on the mk2 ready for a meet I organize with a few mates here are some pics of how it currently sits.
  6. Bumping this up. not long to go now!
  7. My Mk2 16vG60 Project

    It was running when I bought it but I decided to rip it apart and do this front mount and a few other bits so I was happy with how it sits before I take I to some shows. I have orders up some hoses now everything is in its final positions here are some pics of how the engine bay is at the moment. As you can see I had to buy another radiator as the top fill was just too long.
  8. My Mk2 16vG60 Project

    Spent the day trimming measuring and trimming again to get everything to fit correctly. Pretty happy with how it sits now!
  9. My Mk2 16vG60 Project

    Got my u bend offered up today and after some trimming, bashing and bending managed to get everything sitting properly! Will spend tommorow tidying it up a bit then measuring for hose sizes.
  10. My Mk2 16vG60 Project

    Yep few things planned to get it where I want it but should make a few shows this year!
  11. My Mk2 16vG60 Project

    Never drove it with the chargecooler fitter properly so can't say. Never really liked the idea of it though and it was adding complexity where the car doesn't need it. To quote Colin Chapman the way forward is to "simplify and add lightness" ;-)
  12. My Mk2 16vG60 Project

    I can fill that up with boost pipe ;-)
  13. My Mk2 16vG60 Project

    It had a charge cooler on it before and it was bulky and less efficient than a large front mount.
  14. My Mk2 16vG60 Project

    Spent a little bit of time mocking up where I want my intercooler to sit and what size rad I can fit in. Settled on the merc spinter IC and a top fill rad from a scirocco. Just got to wait for my U bend to turn up and I can start plumbing it in properly. Its going to be tight in there because I will have to rotate the U bend about 45 degrees to clear the alternator mounted underneath but should work hopefully!
  15. My Mk2 16vG60 Project

    Think I have got the boost run all figured out now. Just need to change my radiator for a shorter one . Can anyone recommend a small top fill that is man enough for the job?