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  1. Mk3 Golf Project

    Little update, having finished work early I managed to get my wings on a couple of days ago... Just need to get the car sprayed now! Also got to have a play with the front coilovers but need smaller tyres, and still waiting for my parts to arrive! Camber! Wavey arches awaiting filler lol All comments welcome
  2. Mk3 Golf Project

    Hi there, I've recently got myself another mk3 as a slow project. After missing my old one a lot. I managed to find a cheap 5 door base through eBay, it's a sliver 1.6. I had set my budget for a base to £350, and come across a bargain lady owner under 100,000 miles with full service history. So far I've put some coil overs on it, some G60 banded steelies wind deflectors gti rear lights, ordered my VR6 splitter and rear camber shims (should be arriving tomorrow) so then I'll be able to run more lows. Also had my tracking set up too I've still got my smoothed wings, and US fog blanks too. Having just got my apprentership at a local car body shop and being there a few months my boss has agreed to spray my car if I prep it all. So hopefully I'll get this done soon. Anyways enough banter Hope you enjoy Diidz
  3. Up!

    so cool, yet another brilliant car you are building, i miss the mk3 though Good luck with the rest of the build matey
  4. 165 50 15 on 9j wheels?

    It's not because I want mega stretch I think I'm going to need it to get under the arches, and they are 15" but iv ordered the gyres now so wen they're fitted il get some pics up
  5. 165 50 15 on 9j wheels?

    I hate the side wall so mite get away with it?
  6. 165 50 15 on 9j wheels?

    Iv got 2 9j wheels going on a polo 6n and need the stretch to get under the arches.
  7. what size tyres

    There for my mates polo, and need stretch to help get it under the arch
  8. what size tyres

    Hi iv bought some bandeds they r 9j rears and 8j fronts and 15" I want mental stretch wot would be best size tyres ? Cheers
  9. proj 346

    Cheers mate, im still loving it just fancy a change of wheels now