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  1. Bagged B7 Quattro

    Bad ass Matt! Can't wait to see it
  2. Purple Lurple

    I know dude it actually feels like forever, miss hanging out so much. I'm back for a while in just over 3 weeks, I'll give you a call and we should all go do some cray stuff!
  3. Purple Lurple

    :wub: Love this thing.
  4. Project: WHITE!

    Haha, some kiddy in Leicester owns it now, sprayed the OZ Turbos pink... Just miss me white little power house!
  5. Project: WHITE!

    This car is all a bit too de ja vu for me... Still, always loved a white polo.
  6. Project:NotLow.

    Will be sorely missed. Original FYM wagwarn x
  7. Project Polo Staticc.

    I highly doubt the boys 'show drop' no fliping around, static.
  8. The G-Wagon!

    looks sick Adam. Different to everything
  9. Project:NotLow.

  10. Pete's Nimbus Grey MKIV Golf

    lovelovelovelove this car man. All the details are making this thing stand out from the rest.
  11. Bluebell

    Looks incredible Matt
  12. LowFoon's Polo

    Looks awesome so far, much preferred it on the steels...
  13. The G-Wagon!

    A lot of people will love this car.
  14. The G-Wagon!

    Should win best daily driven, easily.
  15. AUDI A3 TDI

    I have so much time for this car.