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  1. Cone filter recommendation

  2. Cone filter recommendation

    MAF removed as I'm running aftermarket management. Heat soak may be an unavoidable problem due to filter location and not wantIng an air feed pipe to it.
  3. After any advice as to what is best to use on a 1.8t, not running a maf sensor so really need suggestions as to paper or oil filter? Cheers Glen.
  4. Anybody tried Wurth Plastic Dye (Plast-PT)?
  5. My Mk2 Golf 20vt

    Glad to see the wheels put to good use on a nice MK2, exactly what I was going to do with that 5th!
  6. G40 Trackday toy.

    Awesome work Alex, nice to see the high levels of attention to detail have remained in it's new guise!
  7. H15 OEM - 1990 FTW!

    Had a look round this at Edition.. and I liked what I saw
  8. VVT Removal/Blank

    I'm running a 1.8t in my MK2 and am looking at deleting the vvt which is unused for neatness, has anyone else done this or have advise on how to do it correctly? Cheers Glen.
  9. shelveys oem+ mk2 golf

    This car is a credit to your time and dedication, stunning work
  10. My MK 5 gti

    Some mad skills you have Luke, love it!
  11. Tdi poor mpg

    Have an AVF code (130bhp) Audi A4 B6, recently replaced the MAF with a genuine bosch exchange item to cure a small running issue and now the mpg has dropped quite significantly, averaged 33mpg on the last tank of fuel! I've checked for error codes on a mac tools reader but shows nothing. Car runs fine but a bit smokey when you clog it. Any ideas or advice on what to look for next?
  12. Powerflex steering rack bush

    Cheers mate, I would doubt it would make much difference either but just thought I'd ask.
  13. Thinking of fitting a powerflex steering rack bush, worthwhile over standard, any benefit or downsides? Cheers Glen.
  14. Austrian Type 19 Mk2 Golf - DEC 26

    Mike... looking good man
  15. My A.C.R built mk2 Golf 20vt

    Proper Mk2 that