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  1. Wheel offset calculation checks

    Literally just minus whatever you're adding in lip from the adapter width, if you want them to sit in the same place.
  2. I rang to cancel the two policies I had with you guys in early April, was advised to send two e-mails to cancel the policies, which I did. A month later I still hadn't received proof of NCB and my new insurer was chasing me, so I rang to find out what was going on, only to be informed that one of my policies hadn't been cancelled, and that they hadn't received the e-mail. After a bit the person I was speaking to managed to find the second e-mail, apologised and discounted the amount that was due for the extra time against the cancellation fee, which would come to £23.xx. I was fine with this, said yes put it through. Now, ANOTHER month later I've got the Insurance Collections Bureau chasing me for 90-odd pound that I apparently still owe. So I rang you guys AGAIN to see what was going on, apparently you've sent loads of letters requesting and outstanding balance, that I haven't got because it's taken so long to cancel that I've moved house since! For some reason the credit company HIC use have decided to refund me £55 for some unknown reason, the £23 still hasn't been taken, and there's now an admin fee from ICB of £25. Apparently it's up to me to hold the hand of who ever I'm dealing with and ring up to make sure they received my e-mail (which one person has told me they DID receive and just missed, and another is now saying never was received and is my fault), and I also have to ring up to inform HIC of a change of address for a policy I cancelled, and apparently i also should have known about all of this and it's my fault. No-one has rang me to inform me of any of this at any point. Only one person has put their hands up and said they're at fault for missing the original Cancellation e-mail. I did everything I was told to do to cancel the policies, 2 months later I'm having to argue with people who are telling me I need to cough up extra money because of incompetence on HIC's behalf. Why am I paying more than was originally quoted? Why is any of this my fault? Absolutely diabolical. If one of the HIC team from here could contact me, to level things out that'd be great.
  3. Polo 9n BAM swap?

    1.9 PD lump mounts exactly the same, so use mounts/gearbox from a 1.9 9n, sorted.
  4. Mk2 jetta front engine mount issue

    As far as the bracket goes, you need to use one off a vehicle that came with an 02a. That can be mk2 g60, corrado 16v/g60. You can use that bracket with a standard mk2 crossmember and rubber mounting. Alternatively you can get a mk3 TDi or ABF front bracket and either use a corrado VR6 crossmember and rubber mount, OR just use a 'mk2 vr6' solid conversion mount off eBay on the mk2 crossmember. This option is stronger, easier to source and usually cheaper to be fair.
  5. Adjusting xenon headlights b7 Passat

    Check all the level sensors attached to wishbones and TCA's etc, i had an R53 cooper with a bent height level sensor rod that threw off the headlight aim. In fact thinking about it, is it lowered?
  6. B3/b4 passat driveshaft

    B3/B4 Shaft are specific to that platform. The track is 18mm wider than mk2 'narrow track' and 7mm shorter than mk3 'widetrack'. Obviously the shaft need to be the correct length to suit.
  7. Solid front engine mount working loose...

    Mk3 subframe (can bolt mk2 wishbones, rack etc on), VR6 rear engine mount, mk2 1.3 or vibratechnics gearbox mount, mk3 02a front bracket, Corrado VR/Passat B3 crossmember and VR6 front mount. The Mk2 mounts are diabolical, whereas the VR6 spec mounts can handle big power way better! The above set up will take 1.8t power easily (presuming it's probably a k03s with a map running 220-240hp, like most are) It seems like a bit of a ballache to run the above, but it's worth it, and probably much cheaper than new vibratechnics!
  8. Solid front engine mount working loose...

    What front bracket are you running? I ran a solid front mount with a mk3 bracket as a temporary solution, which lined up and bolted down, but didn't sit flush on the mount and as a result worked its way loose!
  9. DGK Mk3

    Cool cabby for sure! I miss pissing about with mega lows, i'm too old and grumpy for it now! Get a tie rod flip, some balljoint extenders, fold the sill lip and get that thing down to the bead!
  10. Mk 2 coupe build

    Those coilovers look familiar, didn't get em off Joe Stackman did you?
  11. Audi A3

    this thing makes me wanna keep the quattro i bought as an engine donor!
  12. The Slow Burning Mk2

    i'll keep an eye on this, looks promising!
  13. Golf mk2 1.8t - which turbo?

    k03 hybrid surely? would make more power than your internals could handle, literally straight replacement for what you've got, seems like the most straight forward option.
  14. Mk1 golf 2.0 16v ABF

    well, rather than faffing with checking all the things it could be, check the important stuff first. whip the feed fuel pipe off the fuel rail put it in a coke bottle and turn the engine over, then you know if fuel is actually getting to the rail. If you're getting fuel to the rail, but the plugs are dry you know its the rail/wiring/ injectors. Same with spark, whip the king lead off the dizzy, hold the end a few mm away from something it can ground to (rocker far right top bolt/ earth point) get someone to crank it over and see if you're getting spark out of your coil. Again, if you are getting spark to your dizzy, check for spark at the plugs, get a spare plug chuck a lead on it, get someone to turn it over and see if it sparks. If you're not getting spark from the coil, it's the coil or a sensor, or the ECU. If you're not getting fuel to the rail, it could be the pump, or the pump wiring.
  15. Seriously, how are you getting that finish from hammerite?! This all looks great man, looking forward to seeing it go back together!