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  1. mk2 polo saloon

    Cant believe how this car is changing, was my missus' first car! We bought it as a tidy standard 1 litre: Funny thing about it was I did all the work to it through neccessity rather than choice. The engine and brakes where swapped to make it more reliable and safer in the winter, then the shocks went and it worked out cheaper to buy the 60/40 shocks and springs than standard replacements and the wheels went on because it needed new tyres and i had the 14's spare! The arches and skirts were fitted to stop stonechips when the council decided to resurface half the roads round here and the interior was fitted because my missus decided she wanted a new car with a modern interior and i didnt want her to sell it And after that she went out and bought a 3 year old Ibiza so it had to go as I had no space to keep it Always liked it on the steelies, very understated: Some other pics ive found out: Hope its still going well for you mate, one of many i wish we'd never sold!
  2. RH cups and 280mm brakes

    I had RH cups with 280mm brakes on my old car, they will fit but you need to run a 10mm spacer as the shape of the spokes curves back so much. Hope this helps Shaun
  3. 02A TDi gearbox

    Compared to the 2.0 16v 'raddo box it had in it after the diff went in the diesel box yea quite alot, would do 60 in second and 120 in 4th no probs, 60 in 5th was barely more than tickover. Someone had a list of ratios for the diesel box on here a while ago, im sure i remember that 'if' the car could pull itself to 7000rpm in 5th it was close to 200mph but dont quote me on that! Shaun
  4. 02A TDi gearbox

    I had a mk3 tdi box in my old mk2 g60, the code ASD seems to ring a bell but im not 100% Sorry i cant help more mate Shaun
  5. Getting the rev counter to work on a G60 swap...

    Can anyone tell me what colour wire goes to pin 24?? This is on a 25-pin ecu plug if that makes a difference? Cheers! Shaun
  6. Getting the rev counter to work on a G60 swap...

    Cheers guys i'll see what i can do... Shaun
  7. Hi all Been trying to sort this for longer than i can remember, swapped a Corrado G60 lump and loom into a 90 spec 8v GTi. When i connect the rev counter signal wire from the clocks to the negative side of the coil the rev counter jumps around the whole clock, so far all i've found out is that a wire is missing that i need to put in? Could anyone that has done this or knows how to please please let me know how its done! Many Thanks Shaun
  8. Swapping selector towers between O2A gearboxes...

    Thanks for that mate, i'll be having a look tonight or tomorrow morning so i'll see how it goes.... Shaun
  9. Can you turn a gearbox upside down?

    lol, come on give me some gratitude just kidding, a fair point! Shaun
  10. Swapping selector towers between O2A gearboxes...

    Cheers Phatty, i'll see what i can get hold of. Know what you mean about the 02A setup, i preferred the rod change to this! Thanks again Shaun
  11. Can you turn a gearbox upside down?

    Cheers lads, i'll try and do it on its side rather than completely upside down just in case! Shaun
  12. 8v gti skittish suspension over bumps

    Could be tyres wearing/ wrong pressure etc?? Just a thought Shaun
  13. Is this possible? i have an ASD code box from a mk3 tdi that has a weighted selector setup that id like to swap onto the new CFS code Corrado 2.0 16v box thats being fitted. Thanks Shaun
  14. Feel like abit of a dumbass asking a question like this but is it ok to turn a gearbox upside down as im painting it and wanna do the whole lot! Cheers Shaun
  15. Just kiddin, not trying to start a debate! Basically the diff's gone in my 02A box (from a mk3 golf tdi code ASD) in my Mk2 Golf G60, so im gonna try a passat valver box this time. Looking for the codes for a suitable box from a 2.0 16v passat? Cheers all, Shaun