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  1. Pioneer integration with Parking sensors

    http://www.slideshare.net/Pioneer-Europe/vehicle-bus-display-support-on-pioneer-avic-products that seems to give a list of compatible vehicles, but also mentiones BUS alot - CanBUS
  2. Subwoofer Question...

    Yes, Edge is crap. But will depend on the amp you're using too.
  3. Bora tdi has lost drive

    Just replace the whole gearbox, they should be fairly cheap with the amount of Golf/Bora TDI's around being broken.
  4. Bora tdi has lost drive

    Could be the diff has gone, the rivets holding the crown wheel on come away over time. Unfortunately I think they destroy the gearbox when they fail totally. Have a google its pretty well known, ARP do a bolt kit so you can replace them before they fail as yours may have,
  5. Its only since seeing the Leon I've realised who you are! we met many moons ago via Eu-Mania. VRT 4 door mk2 will be the perfect sleeper. Should really upset most fast cars.

    http://www.paragonmicrofibre.com/ these do some very good cost effective towels. The 500gsm drying towel is almost identical (except its blue) to my Purple monster drying towel and its £1.75 opposed to £5.
  7. How to brush affect PAINTED wheels

    I think shamstar means use a few coats of base before you start trying to sand...in-case you strike through. I have seen this done once but it was a silver bonnet, set up a guide of some sort to ensure you go in straight lines with the sand paper/block and always go in the same direction. If you use a brush it'll end up looking like your bad at painting with a brush in my opinion.
  8. Interior trim paint

    Anni's has brushed Alu if I'm not mistaken. Which isn't possible with paint ( well it is but...) your probably better off either buying Anni trim, or Net Optic out of a Bora sport and sanding it.
  9. Terrible instrument/dash lights

    In my mk3 with a similar set up I just replaced all the standard bulbs with new items and it was loads better, they've probably never been changed
  10. Terrible instrument/dash lights

    Probably... Make, model, age would probably see you get a few answers.
  11. Compressor for airride

    50a fuse, relay wants to have a bit of headroom so maybe try and find a 60 amp.
  12. Compressor for airride

    Thats quite a high power draw! Id give it a dedicated 8 awg feed straight from the battery.
  13. Audi A4 b5 Audi concert

    Concert 2 - CD (aux input available) should fit as they're both single din units.
  14. Double DIN headunit help & info.. eBay

    This, there's a reason proper units cost loads. Those Chinese units will be utter garbage.
  15. Draw a circle with a dia. of 130mm, divide into 5 equal segments. Could do it with a compass and a ruler in a minute. Edit: Just did it for you 76.4mm. Checked on CAD as 76.41mm if you want to be uber specific.