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  1. Quote via email

    Yeah, I'll just go for that when I get back. Thanks!
  2. Quote via email

    Thanks for the reply. I return on a Friday and I'm going to view the car on the Monday. I suppose I can just phone on the Friday to arrange it. I was just wanting to get a ballpark figure for the insurance.
  3. Quote via email

    If I contact HIC through their email address for a quote on a modified car, what information do I have to give? I'm in Singapore at the moment, so don't really want to spend a long time on the phone before I come home to buy a car in the UK in February.
  4. The Grey Whale

    Thanks for all the positive replies people Unfortunately things didn't go well regarding our summer road trip last year being cancelled literally whilst we were en-route. The car was abandoned on Glasgow and myself and the girlfriend never got out of the country, but as it was a family crisis, it was all beyond our control. Anyway, there will be Le Mans again (not this year for me, back to college!) and the French and Italian roads will still be there in the years to come. Through last summer I spent a few weeks out in Nurburg at everyone's favourite toll road, but have bought something more suitable than the S2 for use out there. Hardly being at home, the car wasn't used again for the rest of the summer. I regret doing this now, as these cars don't stand up well to being left lying for long periods of time, but interest was waning and I had plenty of other things to be getting on with. When I got back to emptying all of the camping gear out of the car, it wouldn't start due to a flat battery and I just left the MOT to lapse. I had been planning on taking it to ADI as I had been down to it the year before in my daily because the S2 wasn't working, but ended up not making it due to work, I'm off in October this year and will hopefully be able to take the car along. I'm going back to college for the summer, so once I've completed that and have a little more money in my bank account, the car will be returned to year round use. I have a C4 A6 TDi daily at the moment and it's pretty dreadful. It's very cheap to run and the bodywork is so poor you don't mind where you leave it, but obviously it's not particularly interesting, so it will be good to get the S2 all go again. So the other day when I had some free time, I charged up the battery and went to see if the car would start. It did, but only with lots of smoke billowing everywhere. This really wasn't good and I wondered why it was happening as the car was able to sit for the entire winter the year before in much harsher conditions and it was no problem at all. I could already see the 'Breaking for spares' advert going up for it. Under closer investigation it wasn't oil that was burning but rubber I decided to take the front end off the car and investigate further: I decided to try and turn the engine by hand to see if I could see what was rubbing without doing any damage: And thankfully it turned out to be caused by the fact that the A/C compressor has seized. Thank christ I cut the belt off as it doesn't drive anything else (no idea why the engineer's tuning fork was out at this point though): I turned the engine over a few times by hand and everything seemed to be nice and free, so I fired up the car and it worked just fine. Due to living in Scotland and the only clue that the air-conditioning was working was a green light on the dash coming on rather than actual change in temperature, I'm not that fussed about loosing the compressor and I will probably remove it at some point anyway. So now the car runs, just needs an MOT and tax and it'll be happy days again. Dan: E30 is 325i that was originally owned by the manager/director (can't mind which) of Heathrow BMW. Lot's of money has been spent on it over it's life time and had an extended BMW Warranty until 2001! Haha. Absolutely reams of paperwork to back it all up, including the conversion to an MTech car and the full extended leather re-trim. 190,000 odd miles young and still drives beautifully. R16HNW: When I bought mine there were loads of them, but any slightly tatty ones are now just broken for parts. A friend had an Avant with 100,000 miles and new turbo in black with rare 'no roof rails option' for sale for £1000 a few years ago. Ended up getting broken for about 2.5 times the price. Between that and people such as AllTypeCarZ buying rough ones and trying to sell them on ebay/PH for silly amounts, they've all but disappeared. Most people will just buy an B5 S4 now as you are able to get parts and Audi garages can actually work on them - I don't really blame them either. tea and cake: On a long run on the motorway you can get about 21-22mpg sat at a constant mph. The consumption is pretty steady when cruising up 100mph (where allowed of course) but starts to go down hill much above that. The police will never accept this as an excuse for speeding though. I've managed to get through a tank of Super in 90 miles though (on the ring).
  5. Audi A3 8P Quattro Wheels

    Thanks for the reply. I thought that 16's might be a bit hopeful and I've seen A3 Sports and SE's on the wheels that you talk about, so I will keep an eye out. Thanks again!
  6. Audi A3 8P Quattro Wheels

    Wondering if anyone knows what are the smallest wheels I'd be able to put on one of these. My mum recently bought a '58 170 TDI Quattro which has come with the 18" RS4 double spoke wheels as standard, but I'm getting a set of winter wheels for next year for her and was wondering if I'd be able to fit 16" wheels over the brakes. Any advice on offset's would also be appreciated, obviously due to it being a mum-mobile, it's completely standard. Thanks folks.
  7. Audi 100 5cyl 10v turbo

    Nice, I love old Audis. Is it a quattro?
  8. The Grey Whale

    Right, now it's insured, tested, taxed and on it's way to being ready for summer. We're planning another road trip in June to co-incide with Le Mans. The route, which is being estimated by google to be approximately 3,500 miles will take us through France, Switzerland and Italy over about 10 days. Recently there was a local Audi meet up here, so the car was returned to operation for this. It had been used over the winter to house a lot of it's own spares, so it was pretty manky and falling apart inside: Better: The wheels were pretty scabby after sitting outside all winter: Bit of elbow grease later: The body was much the same: After: Inside, the leather was cleaned and treated: The car was taken for a 300 mile shake down after the G2G, and showed no signs of any problems. It had fired straight up after being sat for 8 months too (only battery charging required!). Things to do: Refit rear coilovers before going to Europe Full Alignment More cleaning and a small service. All this would be no problem, if I hadn't gone and bought another car for track use, but why do things the easy way? Thanks
  9. Mk4 1.6 to 3.2 Audi TT supercharged conversion

    Nice car, that's some engine in there now! Is that Philip Walker that you work for? He frequents one of the other forums that I do too.
  10. Dealer Spec

    This car is beautiful. Must stop myself buying a mk2! Really nice car mate
  11. The Grey Whale

    Thanks, wish we didn't have to get to Austria and that we could have spent a couple of days driving up and down the passes. Snow in June on the top of some of the passes was crazy. Nerves were pretty shattered by the lack of crash barriers and massive drops from the sides of the roads. Definitely going to be making another trip back there! Thanks, easy to spot that I've only just got a camera that isn't also a phone in the last year or so. Thanks, mine looks fine from a distance, but I've done more miles since I bought the car about 4 years ago than my friend's S2 has done in it's entire life. Why buy one of these cars and sit it in the garage and only take it out for shows. It was my daily for 3 years, but I only stopped using it for that as it wasn't proving reliable enough. I've made a few friends through the Audi clubs and get ribbed for my car never being clean at the shows 'Working example, mate.' is usually my reply! Thanks for the comments everyone!
  12. The Grey Whale

    Thanks There is a bit of this involved usually: But I usually just ignore the warning lights. Thanks, it's going alright. 162mph indicated whilst on the continent (no Sat Nav, so not sure on actual speed) and Zurich to Nurburg in 3.5 hours. Also managed 6 or 7 back to back laps of the Ring before I took a break, no problems at all. Thanks Gav, there's a thread on S2forum for it too, pretty sure that I got the door triggers from you, a long time ago, haha. Cheers
  13. The Grey Whale

    Most recently: Black headlining and plastics: Leather door cards, Coupe (non-s2) steering wheel and RS2 door triggers (black instead of chrome). Daily lurking in the background: Need to clear out the garage New oil ordered this weekend, hopefully be here Wednesday, then I can start trying to get the thing running again.
  14. The Grey Whale

    A couple more photos for just now. After meeting up with some of the Swiss guys on the way to Grüsch, a random petrol station in Austria/Switzerland (we were right on the border). They loved the RHD! Unclean as usual; Nurburg: Best picture of the wheels, still dreadful, but you get the idea: Next winter I think I'll fit snow tyres, I'll be unstoppable then. Note the snow plough that I'd overtaken earlier, catching up. Thanks for the comments guys.
  15. The Grey Whale

    Thanks Car went for it's MOT when I got back and disaster. After only about 4000 miles, one of my new V3's looked like this: Because they are not an 'off the shelf' kit, KW wouldn't send out a replacement unit, so mine was sent back to Germany. As it turns out it looks like the garage that fitted them had used a vice grips to hold the damper rod still for some reason. Obviously this scored the rod and meant there was no way the seals would last any time at all. Choice words were used, but Carsten at Wagner Tuning was great and rebuilt it gratis. Received it back in December (looooong story about getting messed about by various unreliable garages) and with the car being SORN'd I've left it until now to fit. Hasn't stopped me picking up some parts along the way: Managed to contact the new owner of the car that my wheels had originally been on. He'd been running around with this in his boot, so a deal was done: A freebie from Tots of Tot's Parts fame, after us making our way over to Switzerland for the show. Anyone know the size of Swiss plates? RS2 Headlight trims, priced similar to gold by weight in the Audi community unfortunately Carbon B pillars, with OEM alarm sensor cut outs New oil cooler, during constant lapping of the Nordschleife (6-7 laps) the oil temps were increasing to uncomfortable levels and with the engine now having approx 230k miles (odometer has stopped working), I thought I'd buy a brand new one. Also, during high speed runs on the continent, the oil temps were starting to come up quickly, so we'll see how it works out. Finally, a Torsen rear LSD from an Audi V8, which is supposed to send more power to the back wheels, making the car a lot more balanced and less understeer-y. Really looking forward to getting this fitted. Small interior make over next, but no photos yet...