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  1. Vw touraeg 3.0 v6 altitude

    myTreg.com if youve not yet got it sorted.
  2. Vw touraeg 3.0 v6 altitude

    No thats not correct, my i phone connects fine and not had any problems with various other phones. Go to the T reg owners site, lots of good gen about software on there.
  3. Vr6 steering problem help

    Aux belt is slipping check the tensioner or renew you belt.
  4. anyone used the cheapo spacers?

    Not difficult to centralise the spacer but it is important as Keeha says, make sure the wheel bolts are long enough.
  5. Golf mk3 gti rear caliper hand break waight

    Correct Matt, thats exactly what they do.
  6. Cambelt

    For peace of mind, regardless of history I would have changed the cambelt when I first got the car and yes that aux belt is about to expire.
  7. mk2 golf gti fuel sender help?

    I never knew that, thanks mate.
  8. Mk3 gearbox help!

    Sounds like a wheel bearing, does the noise differ when cornering left or right?
  9. Oil light blinking then going off

    Always a good plan to give it a good thrashing when you have suspect low oil pressure, must be a duff switch cos something would of let go by now.
  10. Mk4 golf brake bleeding nightmare

    Are you sure you have put the same calliper back on the same strut , if you hav'nt the bleed nipple is in the wrong position and you will never get all the air out.
  11. coolant / temp / heating problems

    Maybe replace the thermostat, yes it opens with boiling water but you dont know exactly at what temp it is operating. Is the heater warm enough now? You may still have some air in the system which could give a low temp indication. You sometimes will get steam from around the cooling fins on a rad as it warms up or does it do it all the time when its up to temp? Check to see if it still does it after a run when its up to temp.
  12. Vr6 not starting

    Check the ignition switch itself, they do fail.
  13. Question on KR Cylinder Head

    Hey big_john your reply should have been
  14. Does this sound like cv joint ?

    Check your wheel bolts before you drive it gadge!!!
  15. Does this sound like cv joint ?

    Realy sounds like driveshaft, did you check for loose bolts at the diff flange? also check driveshaft nuts, jack it up and see if you've any play in the wheel bearings. Check all your wheel, subframe, engine and suspension mounting bolts as well. Has the car had any work done on it recently, also has the noise suddenly started or has it just got worse over a period of time?