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  1. S3-Dans 87 MK2 PD TDI build

    Need some proper pics dan once your home next week too
  2. S3-Dan's R8 build thread

    will it have power ...... "Insert witty statement about certainty here" Bear & woods Fritzl & Pervortary Etc etc If its not going to have power I'm not giving him my shell
  3. S3-Dans 87 MK2 PD TDI build

    Haha you really need to ask about the mk1 !! It hasn't moved a millimetre
  4. S3-Dans 87 MK2 PD TDI build

    Hi Dan - the loft type insulation is really no good for the car mate. It has the wrong properties to do the job (I could go all technical but it simply won't do the job ) Also if it's open to the interior, (as in not sealed up) when you've got the window down it'll get sucked out in particles - You'll end up with fibre glass fibres all over the car. You and Krin will be scratching like you've been been eating dirty prossy's m!inges full of critters. Seriously mate - take it out and fit the proper stuff - fabric based. Not MMF (man made Mineral fibre ) Also in the doors it'll retain moisture and end up rotting your doors from the inside out.
  5. S3-Dans 87 MK2 PD TDI build

    Out playing with your other toy and no time to update this eh !
  6. Mk1 golf driver R

    - I thought you were just doing a couple of little jobs and giving it a tweak. Not rebuilding it from the ground up
  7. mk1 series one rebuild

    Total genius. I've sat all night reading this thread - much to the annoyance of the missus who wanted the new tumble dryer fitting in - awesome work. Loads of respect for having a crack at doing all the work yourself and just getting on with it, especially the perseverance withe doing the trimming work. Man after my own heart. Can't wait to get one with doing mine. It's been a long time since I tinkered in the garage - what with work and kids taking over all my spare time. Builds like yours make me want to go in the garage now - right this minute and crack on with it
  8. That white mk1 on those Maserati rims

    Just read this through again from start to finish. Cracking build mate. Some really nice touches.
  9. UnitSixteen Automotive's MK1 Golf 1.9 16v G60 Build

    Like the inner wings mate. Thought about doing this to mine, still indecisive though which way to take it. Have you wrapped right around the inner legs? i.e plated the top and bottom, or just plated over the top? Always wondered if you plate over top and bottom whether you leave a weep hole / drain / wax oil inside etc or just seal it air tight. Assume that if sealed it could still corrode internally ?
  10. UnitSixteen Automotive's MK1 Golf 1.9 16v G60 Build

    Lol - yeah true. I'm in Hartlepool mate.
  11. UnitSixteen Automotive's MK1 Golf 1.9 16v G60 Build

    You'd probably have to put some roof back in also to fit the carbon roof as there's not much left to bond the carbon to along those gutters. From what I've seen on others who have fitted the carbon roof skin, you need about a 50mm section around the perimeter to bond the carbon to. Interested in the colour - come on get some paint layed and put us out of our misery
  12. UnitSixteen Automotive's MK1 Golf 1.9 16v G60 Build

    The clues in the Avavtar Hanging Monkey
  13. UnitSixteen Automotive's MK1 Golf 1.9 16v G60 Build

    my ears were burning As Toady mentioned, I have a carbon roof - still in the box waiting to go on mine. Although there's about an inch of dust on top of the box too - as its been there for over a year now. Just no time to get on with it. I'm local too - so if you wanted to have a look at the quality of the roof your welcome to call over and have a touchy feel. Your build looks very good mate, be keeping an eye on this. I'll be interested to see how you get on with the 16v G60 build. I'm sat with a pretty much bare shell all painted up - which is going to be re-done as I dont like the colour, a donor Gti on the drive for bits and a carbon roof and thats were its been for a while now. Keep the build info and pics coming - love watching others put the projects together.
  14. Wow - cant believe I'm reading this. Awesome work. My neighbour is currently doing almost the exact same with what was a very heavily modified Evo5 and a Mk1 Escort Pretty much at the stage this is at in the pictures above. He's forum shy though and doesn't use the tinterweb but can't half use an angle grinder. Coming to a track day soon in 2013 hopefully.
  15. Mk1 Golf GTI (soon to be 20VT) big changes...

    That is very very nice mate. Your plans sound just right to and where I'm hopefully going to end up with my little project.