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  1. Holy s**te, that actually look tight :D top work
  2. Busted budget Mk1

    its not ment to be a perminant fix, i have no access to a welder as mine has given up the ghost , i will get it mot'd then do it properly. is it possible to cut the wheel well out and just weld a plate on the top of the car?
  3. Busted budget Mk1

    Right, ive been meaning to put a build up on here for a while now. i bought this car of someone on here for a reasonable 350 sheets. not to bad So she started life off looking a bit like this Rusty wasnt the word really. she was full of holes and rust got it home on the road. she looked a bit sorry for her self so i started looking for holes. found a few Filled the holes in and hey presto. Then started sanding down and primering Decided to smooth out my rear wiper hole, i didnt want a rubber bung so out comes the filler after that i went a bit crazy!!! Some idiot decided to reverse into my wing!!! it needed replacing anyway so i said call it 50 quid an i wont report ya. After struggling with the wing my jack decided to give up an drop just after i replaced the wing, the tips of my steelies got caught in there Filling more holes in How she stands at the moment!! Doing this on a budget but seriously contemplating giving up. Ive had enough of everything going wrong with it!!!
  4. Mk2 Driveshafts

    there not all the same, gti ones are 100mm drivers are 90 not to sure about the 1.3's Rubjonny wil probs be the man to ask
  5. Mk2 Valver not turning over

    no, what i was asking was i just wanted to know why the starter motor wouldnt turn the engine over, i have connected everything up, its just not turning the motor. I can see that it wasnt all plugged in, i diddnt need to be told that,
  6. Mk2 Valver not turning over

    i think so, cant see where the 2 prongs could connect to though :/
  7. Mk2 Valver not turning over

    yea the battery is good, fuel pump still primes, there is 2 prong connectors, where would they go?
  8. Edgar's Mk2 Golf... Poverty spec

    thats looking alot smarter than it did before, props for doing it yourself, keep at it an im sure it will be a pukka motor
  9. Mk2 Valver not turning over

    Ok i have put a new engine in my valver but its not turning over, i get the fuel primer and the oil light flashes ok but nothing ofter that. Any ideas on what it could be? also can someone post up a few pics of the connectors on the side of the engine as mine has split
  10. mk2 valver exhaust

    i have a milltec 4 branch but will it go straight onto the standard piping
  11. mk2 valver exhaust

    vw want 550+ brand new and i mean the box on the end of the downpipe, as you have the 2 pipes, they would need to be put into one and then onto the mid section
  12. mk2 valver exhaust

    is there any place in northants where i can get the box from the mani cut off and just have a pipe put in place instead? dont want to spend 400+ on a new mani
  13. VR6

    has he checked all the iginition over, i know its kinda stupid question to ask, could be something to do with the iginition or fueling, has your friend maybe knocked the coil pack or leads. i will have to speak to my mate tomorrow as he had a problem with his vr,
  14. Very strange problem on my 1300 mk2 golf

    check the rubber hosing that goes from the carb to the back of the airbox, i think thats right. there is usually a hose thats about 10mm thick that is prone to splitting, you might want to check them, if not i might be able to come up next weekend and have a look for you if you want, just pm me if you want me to pop up, ill give you a contact number.