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  1. Yellow Octy Vrs Wagon

    i may have to, had a mk1 vRS which had a fair amount of money spent on it upto about 230bhp which was really nice to drive but not comfortable. I'm currently enjoying the comfort and laziness of it as i have a mk4 golf which is low and unpractical.
  2. Yellow Octy Vrs Wagon

    love love love this have a candy white CR vRS with DSG flipping love it and this thread makes me want to spend lots of money on it!
  3. What warranty? OCD's Fabia

    Looks good man, really makes me want to lower my 12plate octy vRS. Maybe i'll man up soon and lower it anyway.
  4. my cupra k1

    That looks good man, really like the wheels on it
  5. The Audi has landed!

    How did i miss this before? Just amazing!
  6. Audi A4 Avant (B5) 1.8T

    THIS. Seriously like this! seen more paint than a second hand roller mind you
  7. Will's 6n2.

    Sick subaru innit. ah, now i see why you made a point of telling me you had put a fuel filler cap on
  8. Golf mkII from Russia

    Really like this! wheels and the colour are just
  9. Octavia II vRS WIP

    Yes, i've test driven both petrol and diesel and have a friend who works for my local skoda dealer
  10. Octavia II vRS WIP

    Looking good, I'm going to be getting a mk2/mk2 facelift octy vRS soon to join my mk1 octy vRS so it's good to see another skoda fan
  11. Das A4 DTM edition

    Lots of love for this!
  12. my red mk3 8v gti

    ... Nah, i hate it! Haha, looking good man i need to sort my life out and get my mk3 on the road!
  13. Mystic Blue MK3......

    its currently up on axle stands with the engine hanging out looking very sorry for itself. Once its back out to play i'll get some pics up
  14. Mystic Blue MK3......

    Looking good! i also have a P reg mystic blue 16v gti so love seeing this
  15. Wills purple 6n.

    Your words cut deep man haha