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  1. Mk4 R32 DPB Project Carbon

    ah yer nice one looks perfect for getting some rolling shots
  2. Mk4 R32 DPB Project Carbon

    Lovely work mate :-) what tunnel was that?
  3. Mk4 R32 DPB Project Carbon

    i like them mate think they look awesome, Although would like to see them being standard frosted white rather than the dark tinted but i guess that wouldn't fit in with the direction of the car
  4. Mk4 R32 DPB Project Carbon

    That's what I was thinking too
  5. Mk4 R32 DPB Project Carbon

    Sure thing let me know will be well up for it :-) I think your car would look amazing here -
  6. Mk4 R32 DPB Project Carbon

    looks amazing Dan, if your ever down Brighton way let me know i would love to shoot this car there are some awesome places this would look awesome
  7. Mk4 R32 DPB Project Carbon

    get them painted ??
  8. Mk4 R32 DPB Project Carbon

    Dan you should get the blue caps between the inlet done orange love how this is coming along tho looks awesome
  9. of course we all wanna see your updates! Half the time your thread is the only reason I come on edition to see your updates lol
  10. mk4 20v turbo daily

    finally got around to fitting a new set of carbon wrapped rear lights and last night fitted my LED number plate lights sadly still waiting on the disks upper brace and brake fluid tho so no big brakes this weekend
  11. mk4 20v turbo daily

    so these turned up today set and ready for the 312mm set up to go on just waiting on the disks and fluid to turn up then ill get on it. also ordered a front upper strut brace but thats also not turned up yet
  12. Mk1 golf driver R

    looks awesome love the colour mix
  13. Mk4 R32 DPB Project Carbon

    Dan where did you get your number plates from?
  14. Mk4 R32 DPB Project Carbon

    Yer they look it mate! At least you will know the workmanship on the repair will be to a high quality if you know the guys doing it. Prob best to wait that extra time Will be better that way than getting the car back and not being happy with the result.
  15. Mk4 R32 DPB Project Carbon

    they are some stunning looking coilovers there mate. love the look of the stubby aerial as well. Is the car all fixed now then?