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  1. Syncro boot floor

    i can see at least 6 spots welds in that photo. look at the white circles where the primer/sealer is still there.
  2. 6-speed TDI box in a Petrol?!

    Completely unsuitable ratios. 1.6 would barely move with gearing that long.
  3. Supercharged V6 4motion belt route?

    I don't know off hand but if you keep in mind that it'll go around as much of the charger pulley as possible, and that the crank PS and water pump will be going clockwise you should be able to work it out. Alternator can work backwards, and of course tensioner is there purely for tension so you should be able to work out how that goes.
  4. Dougs Corrado Storm-R build

    Try Protection and Performance for the cage. They should be able to CNC bend the tube from your model data. Not so sure abou the strength of the bent main hoop.....straight bars are stronger.
  5. My OEM Mark 2 VR.... Slow build thread!

    N plate!!!! sweet
  6. Wheel pcd change in Yorkshire?

    Ian Jemmison Engineering in Bishopthorpe, YORK
  7. VR6 Head Gasket + Head Bolts

    Make sure you get Victor Reinz gasket, or Elring. Reintz do bolts too. I got the set with gasket for £70. There a fortune from the main dealers.
  8. wrinkle/crinkle oem paint

    PJ1 coatings make it in aerosol format.
  9. 285 cams for vr6?

    Not for road use...
  10. Brake fittings

    Male fittings on the rigid lines, female on the flexi's.
  11. Well, managed to get the nitrous controller sussed out and (sort of) wired in. Although it isn't working. It should pulse the solenoids and gradually slow the pulsing over the time you've set it to, so it eventually delivers whatever you have it jetted to (by not pulsing but just opening the solenoids fully). I've got around 150bhp jets in there..... An intial test by brookster confirmed it was fiting the gas in but it was a bit of a "suck it and see" moment as the whether I could run it. I'd done 5 runs, managed a 14.3, equalling the time set by the other corrado when it had the 2.9 in it and decided to try the gas. I cracked open the bottle and flicked the arm switch, but sambo could hear a hissing. I quickly turned it off and popped the bonnet to see the foggers all frosted up!! ARRGGHH! just filled the not running engine with nitrous and fuel....not good. Left it for a few mins with the throttle body wide open then tried to start it again with it still open. thankfully it was fine. The microswitch I'd fitted to the throttle body was the problem. The throttle mech was pushing the metal arm of the switch off the side of the throttle stop and it was jamming the switch closed. So I retired back to the pits after another nasp run. I bent the arm but then had to do a few more dry runs to be sure it wouldn't jam again. Once I was confident I had no leaks and it wasn't going to jam on me I hit the gas once I'd got into 3rd gear. The effect was unreal! the exhaust note just picked up into a viscous, hard-edged roar and the car was noticiably faster, so much so i was actually laughing hysterically as I crossed the line. A quick tweak of the knobs on the controller and went for a proper run with it on from the startline. the result? 13.6, 3/4 of a second and 10mph faster! insane. I tried the controller in a few positions but it didn't make any difference, it's not working right, but I got down to a 13.58@107mph, which is pretty damn amazing for a totally standard VR6 engine with just a gas kit on it and a fancy gearbox. I was even changing up at 6k... Much more to come, I might even downsize the brakes and run smaller wheels for drag racing as these yoko's are just far too hard for sprinting. I reckon it's got a 12 in it.... some pics from GTI festival. Seat frames were welded in 2 weeks ago. I couldn't be bothered to cut out the old runners so i just welded to them instead. Recaro Pro Racer SPG and Simpson 5 point harness. Rear strap location isn't ideal but I fitted them at the dragstrip so I didn't have time to put them anywhere else, it was simply a case of where I could get at the spreader plate and captive nut. the Brooksters twisted sanity nitrous controller now fitted. it would appear I am a numpty...I never quite understood the NOS controller, it all makes sense now...apparently the build up time sequence starts again every time you come off the throttle......so i'd got it set on 6 seconds...when I'm only in each gear 3 seconds...which means it only ever deliver half of the full 150bhp shot, apart from the run where i short shifted into 4th and held it, and unsurprisingly that was the run when it felt insanely quick and did the 107mph. so now I know what I'm doing i should be able to set it up better and get some proper results. I fitted the carbon Subaru Impreza WRC mirrors today. I wasn't so sure about them at first, they look a bit wierd, a bit like a spaniel on a rollercoaster. but I love them now. They need a bot of work to get them to sit flush, I just didn't want to mess about in case I didn't like them or couldn't see out of them and needed to sell them on. I think I found out when it had no power above 6k too, the old K&N was totally clogged up with filth and dead flies. Binned and replaced with a good old RamAir Pro Ram. Car now has a dashboard. I've fitted my autometer gauges and rev counter too but just ran out of time to get them wired up. I'm part way there, might get them done at the track tomorrow sometime. Off to york dragway in the morning, if it's class racing again I'll stay in class D and leave the gas off. then when that stops and it's just RWYB i'll whack the bottle in for some playtime :-) Then it's home for tea and a shower and off to curborough for Monday. Never driven the car before other than in a straight line. Tracking and camber all over the place, not a clue where to set the suspension, and a potential 350bhp on tap. Should be interesting to say the least!
  12. New cables from Tuthill/Cablecraft. Note the adjustable linkage too, one end is a left hand thread so I can put a spanner on the flat in the middle and turn it to lenghten/shorten the linkage to alter the neutral postion of the lever. M6 ends for rosejoints and ball connectors. Shifter fitted. I intend to have it fitted a lot higher in the caged shell on a new alloy bracket, incorporating the crank bitand return spring too. But for now it's all experimental just temporarily fixed to the tunnel on a bracket. Once I know it all works I'll weld the proper brackets into the other shell in the correct place up out of the way of the passenger's seat/leg It's all fully adjustable, will take some setting up but I can fine tune the throw and positions how I want I still need to make up the mount for the stop which the centring spring rests on. Again this will be incorporated into the new bracket. I can't ally weld so that will have to be another job I sub out to a mate.
  13. With the 0.021" Nitrous jets in there it should give around 100BHP once I get the correct fuel jets. The ones that came with it are for a carburettured engine, i.e a much lower fuel pressure. They are 0.024" jets and I need more like 0.010" or 0.011".
  14. Boge Turbogas, it was on the Mk3 16v I broke. £50 for the lot if you want it.