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  1. The Bawwwss

    I haven't done much to this thing yet Other things are more important atm but I have lowered it slightly , I will lower it more once I get some wheels sorted when I come back of my holiday. WP_20130621_018 by Chin.., on Flickr WP_20130621_001 by Chin.., on Flickr WP_20130621_008 by Chin.., on Flickr My photos suck balls so ill get my mate to take some for me I still need to put my plate on it, give it a full service (££££££) and get rid of the cat for some noise
  2. Black Audi A5 Coupe - G5 GLL

    Ah yeah I know now ! What specs are they and what size tyres you got on them mate ?
  3. Black Audi A5 Coupe - G5 GLL

    What wheels are they ? They look amazing !
  4. The Bawwwss

    ill be doing UD with some good friends , I wont be doing EE though coz its my gfs birthday ! Then 99% ill be doing MIVW and hopefully have a show worthy car for Edition in September xxx
  5. The Bawwwss

    Feelings mutual bro xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx When will I see your pretty face again ?
  6. The Bawwwss

    Thanks boys. Air and bigger wheels first, then more power As for how does it tie in with my business; it's big and well spec'd - ideal motorway cruiser when someone needs to get to the airport fast and comfortably and who wouldn't like to go to their wedding in a massive Audi with the sort of soundtrack this makes !
  7. The Bawwwss

    I have to say I do love sitting in the back of this thing !
  8. The Bawwwss

    Well then, I picked her up on Monday after a long train journey getting it home was a blast ! I enjoyed driving it yesterday since I got a 24hr temp cover so I can get it home Here's some pics I took today , nothing special but gives you an idea. Lows and wheels next , hopefully before September ... 859129_551298821567180_88884297_o[1] by Chin.., on Flickr 306244_551289991568063_1396081360_n[1] by Chin.., on Flickr 861373_551290138234715_311674718_o[1] by Chin.., on Flickr 882104_551298474900548_390684891_o[1] by Chin.., on Flickr 885720_551299281567134_1167265066_o[1] by Chin.., on Flickr 886756_551298648233864_482475825_o[1] by Chin.., on Flickr 887546_551298201567242_2063586394_o[1] by Chin.., on Flickr Thanks
  9. The Bawwwss

    I wont be doing much to it but think VIP !
  10. The Bawwwss

    Haha never thought of that , im gonna leave the rear badges where they are though. I don't want to pee about with it too much so I think wheels and lows are enough exterior wise.
  11. The Bawwwss

    Hi ! I haven't been on here due to working hard so I can get a new car and start my own business You might remember my old Audi A4 I had on coilovers and a few different sets of wheels Audi A4 by Kurt Blythman, on Flickr Cut long story short , I got bored of it so I've put it back to standard and it's currently SORN'd. I've got an Octavia Diesel for work so I thought I might as well get something big, fast'ish and petrol. I was thinking of opening my own business for a while so I thought I might as well combine the 2 and started looking for a big Audi. After looking at a few I found a nice good base which was fully loaded and in black but had a horrible cream interior, I thought I might as well get it and sort the interior out at a later date but unfortunately someone beat me to it and it got sold I had no luck finding one that I liked for a while but finally today I had a quick look on pistonheads and found one ! Fully loaded with BLACK leather , just what I wanted ! Granted , the exterior is not black but im sure the colour will grow on me Anyway , ive paid the deposit over the phone today and im picking it up tomorrow ! Cant wait ! It's fully loaded with black leather , heated front rear seats, electric front rear seats, privacy glass, rear blinds etc etc This will be used for weddings and executive hire etc . Best bit is , it's a 6.0 W12 with 444 BHP on tap Plans are lows and wheels, then more power More pics once I get it tomorrow, hope you like. Cheers !
  12. My Black Mk5 GTi

    I know ! I was only taking the pee Sounds like a plan , its a deal

    Lovely car
  14. Mk5 Jetta

    Hurry up Pineyyyy
  15. My Black Mk5 GTi

    Are you only buying 3 ? Looks good Michael , giz a go !