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  1. Worthersee 2013

    About half the price of my flight, will be heading over again.
  2. Planning to jump the Pond

    I have landed in Gatwick the times I have been over. Much of the time you are limited by where the airline chosen has a terminal. Coming from SF and TO there should be plenty of choices though. I have no complaints about the British public transport but that is because I do not rely on it every day Having your own car is the best and when you have two people it makes the price in line with trains when splitting costs. Driving in the UK is something that should be done at least once coming from a LHD nation. Don't forget the extra duffle for bringing parts home.
  3. R36 Rallye - for 2009.....

    Pikey auto supply?
  4. goodbye rust rallye

    Do you have a closeup of the sill before you started work? Mine are bubbled up and I fear how rusty they are underneath.
  5. sand blasting

    If they use actual sand it will warp the panels from the heat. I think you mean you want the car to be media blasted. They have several types of material they can use from plastic beads and walnut shells all the way down to baking soda. Over here in the US media blasting can run from about 300 to 1000 depending on how much of the chassis you want done. Dipping the car starts around 1500 on upwards. If you car is seriously rusty then dipping is the way to go as it eats the rust you cannot see. That said you will then have to find a way to recoat the car in all those inner areas to prevent future rust.
  6. I did'nt think it would make a difference. Cheers for the responses. And to Phatty.....Having a Rallye in the US is a bit special. I have only been to one major show since having it here (2600 mi RT) but I will never forget the two fit birds in the Bora. While sitting at a light I heard one say to the other "thats a Rallye" as they could not help staring at it while they drove the same direction for quite some time.
  7. Rallye Headlight Conversion?

    Could the warping grille be solved by reinforcing the rear before its painted and baked? Just an idea as I have never seen the backside of the aftermarket one. Maybe epoxy an aluminum sqare tube or pipe in the channel across the two lower sections. Even some hardwood cut to exact tolerences may work. Speaking of frontends, I have a grillespoiler for mine but cant seem to work out how its attached to the Rallye grille. Also there is almost no room to get it between the light and the wings, seems like you really have to jam it in there.
  8. Does anyone have any firsthand experience running half inch wider wheels on a syncro with same size tyres? I am looking at using 215/35s on my Rallye for front and rear but on half inch wider rears. From what I understand the Rallye is FWD most of the times and wonder if the very small difference in radius will have any adverse affects. I also would like to see how much of a visual difference there is front to rear. I would really rather have my outer lips sell or buy half inch narrower barrels. If you know anybody looking to buy or sell some 35 hole OZ pm me Jasin
  9. Project Phat Yank!

    Looks like somebody changed the seats along the way. What color are the door cards?
  10. I would go all black on the car and only leave the wheels in color. Get some black and silver number plates also. Looks nice and props to doing whatever floats your boat. I have actually been thinking of a color to do the centers on my Futuras for quite a few months now. I also have a black car (Rallye) so this looks promising. Dont worry I wont use yellow Porsche did it in 73 with the red on black RS so why not.
  11. Cobra immobiliser help!!

    nobody knows anything? I just flew a 1000 miles to pick it up now its time to go outside and de install the thing.
  12. Cobra immobiliser help!!

    My car is up at a mates place and he is having a problem getting it to start. Its a Cobra 7928/HF on a Rallye and he tells me it wont get spark even if he uses the touch key. He did mention that it looks like there is a valet switch mounted on the underdash tray that is currently not connected sitting on the seat. I think that may need to be connected? I am going to pick up the car this saturday and would like to get this sorted so I dont have to unwire the whole thing. Also the car was stored for 2 years and the battery was totally flat so he has installed a new one.
  13. Happich pop out window rubber **HELP**

    Do you know a part number for the Kia bits? There are loads of dealers here in the states