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  1. That silver mk3

    is the 1st one silver? i do like a spoiler on a mk3, but i think they should match the rest of the trim. ie black side trim black spoiler, body colour side trim etc. just my taste.
  2. MK3 Golf Anniversary on Air and Splits

    Would love just the rear bumper valence so much better that euro version
  3. Madmanluke's Mk2 VR conversion

    In the pic in this thread http://www.edition38.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=367388&pid=3535799&st=0entry3535799 In the middle at the top
  4. Madmanluke's Mk2 VR conversion

    I 'think' the original vortech kits came with a flowerpot type part that you could sit the filter in behind the bumper If you wanna go maf'less properly then it's time to think about standalone and using map sensors instead
  5. v5 gear box on a vr6

    There's a thread on this in mk3 section
  6. 5x100 - 5x120 Adaptors 15mm? Where to buy?

    There's a guy on eBay who does them to 16mm but can't find the link
  7. What paint to use on Intercoolers?

    frosts radiator paint
  8. Madmanluke's Mk2 VR conversion

    get a nice single intake pipe fab'd up with a built in MAF. kind of like a cross between Markgolf's and oldskool's
  9. Centre nut removal Bbs RF, how?

    There are three prongs in the slots on the nut. Use a screw driver and gently prise one out and it should loosen the rest up
  10. Redders NEW ride.... Full rebuild.

    jon am i imagining things or did you get a set of nos highline door foils?
  11. recomend me a silver

    i'll be getting some engine bits painted soon and i want a really nice bright silver for the inlet runners. something with a nice sparkle in it. doesnt have to be VAG
  12. Vr6 audi 3.2 sump confusion

    They're all ally as they're essentially the same engine You'll need the short pick up too but you'll have to buy the whole oil pump cos they don't sell if seperate
  13. Gold paint for wheel centres

    you can still get the real stuff from bbs, or try and get wurth gold wheel paint