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  1. Another VR6

    All the messing finished for me dude. Just going to leave it as nature intended.
  2. Another VR6

    Had this for a bit , thought I'd put up some Pics... .. .. .. . One Lady owner until 2011 . Full VAG HIstory And the best bit only Covered 35k Only thing I've done is fit Eibach springs and a K and N Induction , and polish the crap out of it.
  3. HOW TOO

    Cheers dude..
  4. HOW TOO

    Just picked up a mk4 and all it has is a single tape/radio head unit.How do you get it out to replace . If anybody knows help me out ,don't own any tapes and radio is bunk..
  5. Black VR6

    Not sure yet dude.As it is so clean and stock ,dont really want to tinker too much,have a set of 16" rx2's I could pop on and also the old K an N induction.
  6. Black VR6

    Cheers Dude.Cant sit on coiles my back wont take it.
  7. Wintercult mk2

    I like that,an the wheels suit it .Great car..
  8. Black VR6

    Picked this up last summer.Had sold my red one previously and regretted so had to have another one.Took ages to find but all good. 2 owners ,full vag history ,currently 64k.Good level of extras Climate ,Recaro. Spent up until now getting it mint ,wheels refurb and new centres,mopping out the swirls etc,and adding Eibach/boge combo. Well happy with the results.See what you think.
  9. 2003 Bora 1.8T Sport

    Top job on the trim Oli.Looks the business mate.Result you can get the front bumper painted for £0 ,it had been previously painted judging by the orange peel but could never notice unless up close.Almost finished on the mk2 just when I think its done something else comes up.The joy of old cars Eh..
  10. 2003 Bora 1.8T Sport

    Yeah soon Bruv.Managed to machine polish the paint just lookin to sort out the inside and then it will be up..
  11. 2003 Bora 1.8T Sport

    Lookin good Oli.I think the TT rims looked spot on on my mk3 Vr6 but not quite right on the bora.I would have changed them too if I had kept it any longer.Looking sweet mate.
  12. MK2 Golf

    Looks spot on mate.
  13. Hell yeah ,the clocks ticking though.
  14. Nice one Oli.Did it go to somebody off here?Its always nice when the heat is off the minute you sell your car ,even if they are the business you still need somebody to come and look..
  15. Yeah them keys as rare as hens teeth apparently.