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  1. Which con rods for MK4 1.8T

    I guess it depends on your requirements on power...
  2. brake flare tools

    Sykes pikavant flare master is great...it's all down to the quality of the tool which will leave you a clean flare...this one deals with the harder cunifer types pipes too... I use a decent air conditioning pipe cutter because the cut also plays it role in how good the flare too...get a deburring tool too.
  3. S1358 is the one! Not cheap tho... Anything high temp brush able contact adhesive will work... But alpha is great stuff.
  4. Gearbox bearing race removal

    Just rest a heatgun up against the back of it for a while and it should drop out...no intrusion needed...
  5. Mk1 TT oil light

    Get it scanned, could also be a failed oil lever sensor...
  6. Ball burnish finish on alloys

    Another decent long lasting alternative is aerocoat Aeromax which gives a close effect to a satin chrome if you didn't want a mirror finish.
  7. 2k paint

    Air fed is only the half of it, your filtration needs to be so fine you don't inhale fine oil particles and other nasties...
  8. Pull the injectors out and put an plastic bottle on each one whilst cranking it to check the spray patterns, if they are ok, use a marker pen to mark the levels and check in the morning...if one is higher than another, there is your problem... But ordinarily you need to check your basics...compressions, vac leaks and the usual culprits... Replace the injector seals which could also cause this...you can use ezi start when running around problem hotspots to see if it's taking in air as the exhaust note will change.
  9. Mk5 boot handle drainage?

    Check the rear wash wipe pipe for leaks, then find out if the rear screen was removed and refit prior to paint, if so it may be leaking, very unlikely for the handle to leak as the plastic handle is ribbed to form a seal against the metal casting which the handle bolts into...
  10. wheel arch wideing mk2

    Another way is to use a repair panel, cut the old lip off and slot the new one in place changing the angle of it according to the width you want it, the arch starting and ending points will be altered, but cutting them short will sort that...any other way results in lots of filler to get the curvature and shape spot on. Remember the inner skin will need extending too or flattening off and sealing once the new outer is welded in, you can shoot sealer in between the skins from inside the boot area and the rear quarter of it's a 3 door...
  11. compressor settings

    The gun you are applying it will will have an adjustment knob on it, too much air can be adjusted down so don't worry about it. Just use se masking paper on the wall to do test sprays to get the effect you are after... Gravitex is thicker than some out there...so pressures will need to be pretty high. If you wanna go by the book bear in mind you have a pressure drop between compressor to applicator depending on distance and bore of the line... HTH
  12. Side skirt fitting

    Use windscreen adhesive over vinyl like you say. It will work for sure. Tiger seal is good but sags, it will come away and will need clamping for a few hours esp in this weather.
  13. removing mk2 jetta rear screen glass

    If you are worried, call a windscreen guy to remove and refit. £20 out and £20 in once work is done.
  14. How to brush affect PAINTED wheels

    Can't upload a pic, check my pix on insta @shamstarpaint