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    Cheryl Cole, beer, VWs, surfboards, & sunshine
  1. My T5

    Looks great
  2. MK2 20V Project

    My old Mk2!!!!!! Great job! I'm so happy its still on the road, and surprised its all the way up Scotland!
  3. Andy's mk2 vr6

    Looks great. It sits perfect in my opinion
  4. '87 Golf Type 19 - Perfect Project.

    It may be the fan motor has packed up. Do you not get ANY heat out of the vents at all? Not even a trickle? As for the rear screen heater, I wouldn't worry too much about that. Even when they work, they are usually a waste of time. Is that a GTI grill on the front?
  5. Mk1 Scirocco Small Block Chic

    Well, Winston my friend. This is pretty involed!
  6. 8v, Mk2, GTI, Blue

    You're right. Crap update, but great little MK2!
  7. Bought a mk2 GTD

    Beauty. Yeah they look like rz's Kev.
  8. Latest VW money pit...

    I done a deal with my MK2 for this a couple of Weeks ago. Bought it on a bit of a whim really, I don't know much about them or the 2.0 aircooled engine. Needs dropping more and a set of larger steels. If I get on with it I'll give it some paint at some point... The interior is pretty....basic
  9. Mk2 GTI 8V - '89.

    That looks great on the Ronals
  10. I love zenders!!! They work so well on small bumpers. Love this car.
  11. ITB'ed MK2 Golf 16v

    I'd put them all on
  12. My Black Mk2 16v

    Reminds me of my old mk2. You sticking with the ra's?
  13. Cope's GTI

    Lucky with the oil pump dude. you must be running out of stuff to make immaculate?
  14. OCD-shelvey's 86 GL mk2 (here we go again)

    That is pretty much what mine looks like at the minute. Good find