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    Chilling out maxing relaxing or cooling shooting some B ball out side the school.
  1. ****EARLY EDITION****

    Top day, top cars, mega hangover. Cheers to all the crew and thanks to all that attended with a very high standard of cars on show.
  2. I should be there, looks like nelse is attending, for a change.
  3. Well looks like I'll only be buying 3 beers hehe
  4. This Wednesday, I shall be in attendance with Mr Mills.
  5. Major flipup at work has balls'd my attendance up.
  6. This happening tomorrow?
  7. Shows how long we have been meeting at the Elenor, thats the second refurb they have had.
  8. Just look for the crowd around the bar and the 2 4 1 menu.
  9. Next Meet will be Wednesday 3rd November. See you all there.
  10. I'll be there with Muggers......Not that I've heard from him in the last week but I guess he'll be there.
  11. A20VSS

    Top work fella.
  12. Russ was good to see you again, sorry I didn't recognise you but you certainly had more hair when we last met
  13. Had a great night but I am very tired today after driving Miss Daisy took an age to get home.