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  1. Lewis' Bora

    lewis, saw your car parked in chi gate a couple of weeks back, looking very tidy on the fat fives now!
  2. Tyre stretch help

    www.tyrestretch.com All the stretch options you could wish for!
  3. 9n3 on TT comps

    lovely looking polo. love the cream on black!
  4. My MK4 GTTDI Project (SMASHED and WROTE OFF) :(

    Really smart mk4, love the colour, can't wait to see the tyres pics
  5. Project F*ck-the-PoPo-Polo

    Looking awesome! Really neat, nice work.
  6. my naughty mk7 polo

    Yer borbets all the way! Et 15 at the rear at 0 at the front! Wot tyres u wearing mate? Cheers
  7. my naughty mk7 polo

    hi mate got the plates of ebay, cant link u directly but they wer
  8. my naughty mk7 polo

    hi guys im new to this site, iv got a black 9n3, its a 1.2 (yup 3 cylinder) its lowered on vmaxx coilovers,16 inch borbet A's and a few more minor mods. let me know what you think.