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  1. VR6

    thanks mate
  2. VR6

    im not sure yet maybe in time
  3. VR6

    still got a fare bit todo but its getting there.
  4. VR6

    so been a while on this now just been sat in the garage but decided to get on with it so welded plates in the bay and started sorting the body work out. engine has come out again and charger has gone but still a little bit of progress.
  5. Kev's Mk3 VR6

    loving this car mate keep up the good work. where did you get the willwood bias valve from ?
  6. VR6

    That's my brothers god knows what he's doing with it
  7. VR6

    Slight problem with this and I can't figure out what it is the car starts but it cuts out strait away won't idle or anything anyone possibly help
  8. VR6

    Yeah can't wait for it to be done
  9. VR6

    The wheels are 16x8.5 front and rears 16x9.5 with Toyo t1r tyres 195/45 and 195/40
  10. VR6

  11. VR6

    soo its been a while since i last updated this i recently bought another vr6s on here from adam wyatt people will reconise it the shell was in a bad state so decided to swap engine over into my other shell so luckly i had a couple of days of so over 2 days i swapped it all over still not finished but heres how it went back on 2 wheels and engine in after day1 good progress and day 2 back on all 4 and running and the poor old shell the new home for the vr6s also battery relocated to the boot and relocated my headunit to the glovebox and how it sits thats all for the moment. comments welcome
  12. VR6

    i like those wheels haha na dont think you should of sold them. still got a fare bit to do before i can get the wheels on.
  13. VR6

    haha that headlining wont be going in the car now. was a hand me down from the old man haha though it would come in handy. thanks mate i prefer it in black aswell
  14. VR6

    Yeah it is a decent colour just dunno if it will work with just the bay painted. I like that mate what wheels are they ?? Thanks
  15. VR6

    so havnt updated in a while things have changed slightly decided to change the colour and other plans abit. so went from this to this quite pleased with the outcome