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  1. If they are and in good condition I'll take them off your hands..
  2. Touche's mk3

    Havent updated in a while. Super T's have gone, couldnt say no to a silly offer. Car is currently back on the solitudes while my new ones are being refurbed. Pics below to show what else has happened.
  3. mk3 cabby mulberry wannabee

    Text me you big whore, we need to talk.
  4. mk3 cabby mulberry wannabee

    Lights and badgeless grill really work with the bumper man.
  5. Mk3 Golf GTI - My first build thread

    Make me a pair of fronts?
  6. Luke's MK3 Build - That got out of hand

  7. mk3 cabby mulberry wannabee

    About time you did something on this rather than buying flashy cars and having kids
  8. Mk3 Cab VR6, Air & BBS

    Didnt know this was yours! Nice man.
  9. Luke's MK3 Build - That got out of hand

    Hurry up and polish those bbs you slag.
  10. Touche's mk3

  11. Touche's mk3

    I sold the twists as i needed something with dish but ended up with super t's. Plans are on hold till after the wedding.
  12. Touche's mk3

  13. :hMd:

    Was kyle not allowed to drive?
  14. Touche's mk3

    Twists have gone now