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  1. 20v water pipe

    Cheers for that. Bugger they ent cheap I thought maybe £60-70 but Christ!
  2. 20v water pipe

    Hi was out in my 20v AGU mk2 last weekend stopped to get some petrol and it started having a pee on the forecourt. Turns out one of the metal pipes had rotted through. It's the one that runs under the inlet manifold t's into the block and then runs round the front of the engine to the back right. Has anyone got a part number please? Or any idea where I'd get a new replacement? I've got a feeling it might be a dealer only part but hoping someone might know of somewhere!! Cheers in advance
  3. Chrome spray paint help

    Ah righto. I've been digging about and have read various opinions a majority the same as yours! I'll give the chrome ta a call and find out what it will cost.
  4. Hi Not car related but I'm restoring a 1950/1960's medical lamp. Most of its stainless but a few small parts are chromed and have rusted/peeled badly. Has anyone had any experience with chrome spray paint in a can? Is it any good? Is there a nac to a good finish? There a company about 30miles from me that does chroming but it doesn't really seem worth making the trip for the few bits I need doing if paint will do the job. Any pointers on how to do it or makes of paint would be appreciated. Cheers
  5. Dent in exhaust system

    I seem to remember my jetex system having the same
  6. MK4 GTI - Grinding noise

    Knackered alternator belt tensioner made worse when it's under load maybe? Only guessing could be miles off the mark??!!
  7. Snapped speedline bolta

    Wurths do some stuff called rust off ice which might help. It freezes the part sprayed a small amount which can help free it off. Might be worth a go if ya still struggling? We use it no end.
  8. agu plug identification

    Ah yea could well be that missed the three pin bit.
  9. agu plug identification

    Erm it isn't lambda sensor is it? Could be well off just colours sounded familiar
  10. Help needed!

    All sorted mate ta. Thanks for ya help
  11. Help needed!

    Cheers for that all sorted this afternoon!
  12. Help needed!

    I know this is in the wrong forum and I appologise but I need as fast an answer as possible! I have a Bosch 044 pump that I am fitting to my 20v Mk2 as the old Kjet pump split. What I need to know is what fitting should I use on the end with the terminals? I know it needs a Banjo and crush washers but what should be above it? on the old Kjet pump there is only what can be described as a Spaceship screwed over the banjo... I have no idea what it does or whether I need one on this? I have got MOT booked so need to get whatever it is I need ASAP! I have attached a pic so you can see which bit I mean. If anyone can shed some light on this it would be really appreciated.
  13. MK2 golf 20v fuel pump

    Ah mega. What size pot should I be looking at?
  14. MK2 golf 20v fuel pump

    Ah could be a bit awkward then. Would the lift pump handle shoving fuel to a swirl pot in the engine bay? I'm thinking it may be easier to fit the 044 and swirl pot in the engine bay as there is room in there as battery and washer bottle are in the boot.
  15. MK2 golf 20v fuel pump

    That looks tidy! 1-1.5lt should do the job then.... Would it be possible to mount a 'bulkhead' swirl pot on its side under the car? or are they designed to be stood upright?