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  1. You've never elaborated on this comment from back in October...was i the best / worst and what was it? Must get me one of them sump guards too!
  2. UNIX performance black GTI VRT (quebec)

    Just simply WOW! That's an Awesome install! Can't wait to see more!
  3. Mk3 clocks issue...

    Top man! All sorted!
  4. Mk3 clocks issue...

  5. Mk3 clocks issue...

    My neighbour has a mk3 GL and tried to fit a stereo at the weekend but had no luck, the unit makes the usual noise of trying to find a CD when it fist has power, but the display doesn't come up or anything...but that's by the by... Since trying to fit the stereo and without messing with any of the wiring, only changing the stereo fuse, every time he starts the car, the rev and speedo needles nose dive to the bottom and then come back up as well as the clock and trip resetting each time. And each time he turns it off, the rev needle sticks where it is... Any ideas guys? Cheers, Rus.
  6. Is there ANY way I can...

    Someone's gotta be able to answer this...?
  7. Is there ANY way I can...

    Hey guys, I need some help... I know this is a strange one, but I want to use an OBD1 inlet manifold on an OBD2 vr6 engine. Not for the convention reason of using a 2.9 manifold on a 2.8, but because this one is finished exactly how I want it and would finish the bay off real nice! I know the OBD1 has an outlet for the ISV which the OBD2 doesn't, so could I simply block this off? And are there ANY other functionality issues that I should be aware of in such a swap or that I need to overcome in order to make this work for me? I'm aware that the Throttle Bodies are different and mount differently but this is minor issue to overcome... Any help muchly appreciated! Cheers, Rus.
  8. vr6 oil usage...

    Anyone know how many litres per minute or whatever the rating of oil usage for a 2.8 vr6 is please and how many litres of oil is used normally? Thanks Rus.
  9. 02m Details...

    Can anyone tell me how the oil feed works between the box and the transfer box? There are 2 feeds, one at the top and one at the bottom when you remove the transfer box...is there a pump in the box to keep a flow of oil, or is it under pressure some how? If so, what's the pressure and how does it all work? Cheers Rus.
  10. Sorry to be a pain again, I need to get some drive shafts for 130 / 150 bhp GT TDi Mk4 FWD. I've got the first par of the part number, but I need the letter (s) at the end...they're: 1J0 407 271 1J0 407 272 But it's the letters I need to get the right ones...they have what I call a "dry Cup" fitment to the box rather than the normally greasy messy set up... Any help muchly appreciated! Rus.
  11. Part number required...

    Thanks fella, I'll give that one a go...
  12. Part number required...

    I don't have an engine / chassis number fraid...I'm converting a 4wd 02m for use on a 2wd VR6 so it's all a bit custom! I have 5 of these nows: 09A 409 360 = M8 x 1,25 x 86,5 But I need one that's longer from a 2wd 6spd 02m from what I can gather... Then I need to find the part numbers for the drive shafts used on a 130 GT TDi...why did I ever decide to do this? Cheers again! Rus.
  13. Part number required...

    I'm trying to find the right part number for the 6mm hex head bolt that holds the OS drive shaft flange into the gearbox on a 130 gttdi 2002 model. I got 6 of the short ones as used in the ns 4mo flange...but for the life of me can't find the longer one for this model on ETKA! Cheers, Rus.
  14. Mk2 remote central locking

    Not wanting to confuse you more with alternatives, but I agree, the cheaper kits can cause problems later... These kits seem to be pretty darn good and several guys on here have used them that I know of...they also have the option to upgrade and customise to your exact needs, both now and in the future...added to it, you get a near as damn it OEM Mk4 style key fobtoo which is always a bonus! Have a Gander... HTH Rus.
  15. Bird Seed in my Vr Head....HELP!

    Tried the hoover thing and that was pants! Even got a pre historic suction pump cranked up and it made no difference... If the mouse is in there he's dead and decayed coz this stuff was thick...Mr Dysons finest hoover, brand new couldn't even dislodge it...it was only by poking and then ultimately blasting air at it that cleared it out...The valve is, I believe closed so it's not got anywhere else...all spark holes and other orifices have been checked and there seems to be no sign of anything abnormal anywhere else... Already has a head spacer in so I'm going to build the engine up and crank it over a few times without the turbo & manifold on to allow any remaining crap to be blown out...worse case scenario I have to replace the valve if it bends or anything...lot less hassle than stripping the head off now when there's a chance there's nothing to gain from it... Cheers folks Rus.