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  1. Irfan's 2009 Tornado Red MKV R32

    car and BBS are now in the classifieds if anyone is interested!
  2. Irfan's 2009 Tornado Red MKV R32

    cheers mate. I sold them on before even running them and after a refurb.. after a trial fit I realised I had to be much lower to pull them off properly. I don't want to put the car on coils as im happy with it on the H&R springs, so they had to go! I think the thought of the stretch also did my head in on such mint wheels. As I found out on my mk4, the rim of the wheels wont stay perfect forever on a daily with an exposed rim..no one likes an exposed rim! Irfan
  3. My Take Up So Far

    Possibly, assuming its sunday your going down? what times will you be leaving? i'll be working till 3am sunday morning so i may miss it!
  4. My Take Up So Far

    yeah had a play about with VAG COM and turned them on, i quite like em! thanks mate Its how i want it, I'm done with the scene wheels and stanced up biz now but i still like it on others cars just not on my daily lol. where do you work? yeah the vw scene is a bit pooty in the valleys hence why i sort of lost interest in it all after my old car!
  5. Rossevans32 New Zombie Project 550bhp R32 Hybrid

    Looks wicked mate, that stance is killer. Where are you from? Im down in Aberdare!
  6. My Take Up So Far

    looking nice buddy. Zipped past you earlier today didn't realise it was you till you passed, was in a world of my own! let us know if theres any decent local VW meets. Haven't been to a tidy one since the days of my MK4!
  7. Irfan's 2009 Tornado Red MKV R32

    almost forgot, it also had new front discs & pads too due to the old ones developing an annoying vibration under braking, which i and my garage put down to warped discs. Replacement discs where MTEC Black Editions. with Brembo pads.
  8. Irfan's 2009 Tornado Red MKV R32

    forgot about this thread! only updates to date are: New Radiator fitted by Volkswagen (£400 inc vat!) due to a very slow coolant leak which annoyed me. and new shoes - Genuine BBS CH-R 19'' x 8.5 '' in Satin Anthracite, with Stainless Steel rim protectors. think they suit the tornado red an absolute peach! for some reason I cant copy and paste the photobucket IMGs on my works browser so il get the pics up tonight. Next on the list is a full paint correction - swirls on this solid red paint stand out a mile in the direct sunlight, didn't realise how hammered the car is! Irfan
  9. Hi All just want to enable a few features on my MK5 R so im in need of vag com... anyone in south wales area have it and mind enabling said features for a few ££? im in Aberdare but can meet you wherever you may be! thanks Irfan
  10. thanks mate! apologies for the delayed reply and generally 'deadness' of the thread... not much has happened with the van, its been driven, cleaned, driven, cleaned..you get the picture! the front tyres where replaced a few weeks ago with Hankook Ventus V12's and they perform fantastic. so much better than the Continental cack the vans came with as standard. only real update worth mentioning cosmetically is fitting my pop's plate onto the van (his name is Arif!). Their legal font pressed plates which i had made at GTi Internationals from one of the trade stands. So far so good! I've ignored the retrofit headlights route as i feel the halo rings the guy offers look a bit...poo really. I've found 'replica' xenon units for the t5.1, which have almost identical LED layouts and have projectors installed ready to accept a nice HID kit for the closest thing to factory xenons. at £500 their pricey but better than £2k+ than genuine xenons are still commanding..so this is something id like to get fitted sharpish for winter! Irfan
  11. Irfan's 2009 Tornado Red MKV R32

    some pics! here's what VW Merthyr lent me for two days till my car was ready (it was me who didn't have time to collect it not them being slow). it was a little Polo 1.2 R Line...but it looks so mean, meaner than my R32 perhaps lol The Michelin PS3's are waiting at the tyre fitters for me, went there yesterday but they were too busy to fit them being a Sunday and all. VW Advised i needed new wipers, so i fitted these which are silky smooth: and some pics as of last night when i finished one of my sets in Cardiff.. gave the car a little TLC in the day as i hadn't cleaned it in two weeks..which is an eternity for me lol. the only rear shot i took was blurry! face palm. Other than that, getting the wheel alignment and Michelins fitted are the priorities of the week. Irfan
  12. Irfan's 2009 Tornado Red MKV R32

    good! I'm yet to see it in the flesh. i remember parking next to your old A3 on the bentley splits at Waz's open day a few summers back..i do have a nice pic somewhere. will defo have to meet up for a nose and few snaps! I'm only down the road and also in Cardiff nearly every weekend as most of the fam is there. oh..and exhaust wise I'm a bit put off by how 'boomy' and deep a milltek sounds. i love the metallic wail the standard system gives off.. i feel a milltek and the like will loose the r32s signature noise! ..could be me being a wierdo though.
  13. Irfan's 2009 Tornado Red MKV R32

    true that Scott! I'm a sucker for a nice set of wheels but its the wrong time of year now. plus i need coilies to really pull something nice off! I'm enjoying the grunt and noise for sure though haha
  14. Irfan's 2009 Tornado Red MKV R32

    small update. Took the R32 in for an interval service & brake fluid change at Capital VW, Merthyr.. all is well! needed two new rear tyres so ive decided to replace all four kumho's with Michelin Pilot Sport 3's...ive read some cracking reviews so i hope htye live up to the hype! Next up is wheel alignment after the tyres are fitted. ive gone off the idea of buying some nice wheels for it now, so i will leave wheel choices till the new year. Im also restraining myself from buying a Milltek or custom catback. Irfan
  15. Irfan's 2009 Tornado Red MKV R32

    thanks man! nothing to report with the car lately, touch wood its been fault free and fantastic so far. car is booked in for a full service and brake fluid change at Capitol VW in Merthyr, so fingers crossed it comes back how i gave it to them lol. ive also started using super unleaded....im still not sure i can see the difference. the car seems to sound a tiny bit louder with it, but that could just been all in my head!