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  1. decent sounds for not much dosh

    I have this set-up for sale and not that far from you either, http://www.edition38.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=361345&st=0&p=3423046&fromsearch=1entry3423046 Let me know.
  2. Camber adjustment on low riders!

    Some say that he has the ability to turn water into oil!!!!!!
  3. need info on fuel pump on mk2

    what type of mk2 is it? the 8v and 16v have a pump underneth and you can get one from various different places,can quote you a price if you want. the only mk2's that had the pump in the tank where g60's!
  4. if you have the correct bbs type bolts and nuts then you should be ok as the sikaflex should act similar to loctite,we have just rebuilt mine you must tighten each bolt to 25nm as well.
  5. HELP - Overheating way too much!

    Is there any water in the oil or oil in the water,could also be that the gauge is a bit dicky,years ago had a mk2 that did this on occasion but didnt have a head gasket problem turned out to be the output to the gauge was earthing on something.Also i would do a compression test as this should tell you if one of the bores is leaking!
  6. Work this one out...

    We had a similar problem when we put a new gearbox in a mk1 the box came out of a scirroco and for some reason they use different driveshafts and the ones supplied with the box had been cut out so they where no good we found another one in a breakers and all was well!
  7. mk2 engine conversion failure!

    Is/has the fuel pump been fitted and if so is it priming properly also have you used the lift pump in the fuel tank?
  8. Supercharged 16v

    Sorry for possibly hijacking this thread but: Just thought (after reading this thread) that i would mention that i have 4x s2 pistons and a thicker metal head gasket for the kr engine,and an intercooler,and a ported kr head,and a turbo manifold. All where gonna be used on my 16v but i sold it so now surplus to requirements. Please p.m if anyone is interested
  9. anyone bought these?

    If you've ever had H+R's there poope!
  10. Brakes for 15" bbs rs

    Ok just a quickie what brakes do people generally run if they want 4 or 6 pots with bbs rs think mine are like et28 or something like that,i have tar-ox 6 pots at the mo which fit fine underneth 928 porka rims but are no good even with spacers with my 15" or 16" bbs rs.
  11. How to smooth bumpers!

    Ok well its not actually a mk4 but is a vag product, just wondered how you guys managed to do it oh well back to the drawing board the car in question does have mounting bolts underneth the bumper trims so ill have to work out someway of mounting them differently! thanks for the speedy replies though
  12. How to smooth bumpers!

    Just a quickie if you smooth over the bumpers on say a mk4 (remove the trims) how do you bolt the bumper back on the car if the bolts are underneth the trim,i was thinking that you might be able to reverse the bolts i.e bolt them up from inside the front wings hav'nt looked at the back yet! Anyone done this or have any ideas. Thanx
  13. Oil Leak

    Looks like coolant to me is it a vr? if it is there is a plastic pipe that runs underneth the inlet manifold they sometimes leek or crack so i'd check that out,that is if its a vr!Doh ive just looked at ur sig God i need coffee! If its oil then could be coming from the oil cooler as thats around there somewhere!
  14. over fueling in the vr6. FIXED IT! YIPPEEEE

    Yeah i know!!!!!!!
  15. over fueling in the vr6. FIXED IT! YIPPEEEE

    Eh it could be oil!