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  1. thanks matey worked a treat you were right it was the acid they used i dont think it helped that it wasent dry then got baked in. thanks agen lee
  2. sorry will try and get some up tomorrow all i can say is it looks like brake dust from a distance then go and try and wipe it nothing washed 'em agen nothing tryed polish noting. a sorta white looking haze
  3. hi, my missus had the car washed the other day by some t**t came back and i dont know what theyve used to wash the wheels but got back and the painted centre looks hasey like theyre not clean its as if what ever it is has baked into the paint any ideas how to rectifie this thanks in advance lee
  4. Landrover wheels?

    first off h :wacko:i to all im new here dnt b to harsh lol. right i own a mk4 golf and want to fit land rover wheel like so http://www.flickr.com/photos/danimal_inc/4584190394/ i knw there bmw fitment 5x120 but land rovers have studs so would i have to buy the adators and then get studs to fit them? thanks