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  1. Ultimate dubs 2016

    The dates already been confirmed as 13th March
  2. Ultimate dubs 2016

    It will be on the 13th March
  3. Project Daily TT

    Thank you! You'll have to let me know what your girlfriend does to her TT! The number plate delete was straight from VW. Yes I've still got the 3SDMs which I'm probably going to keep for now as daily wheels until I can get something else
  4. Project Daily TT

    Long time no update, and to be honest there's not that much to update anyway! But as I'm planning on actually showing the car a bit more this year and hopefully doing a bit of work on it I thought I may as well update my thread to try and keep it alive. The one update I do have is the new wheels! I picked up these BBS RSII's at Edition last year and finally got them on the car just before Ultimate Dubs. I wasn't sure on them at first but after seeing them on the car I'm definitely happy with my choice. They're 18x8.5 and 10's, in case anyone's interested! Here are a few pictures of the car from today anyway.
  5. Project Daily TT

    The Polo's long gone I'm afraid. I broke it last year, not that I wanted to but personal circumstances meant that we just couldn't keep it I'm a lot happier with the TT now anyway, so it's not all bad!
  6. Project Daily TT

    Thanks everyone Before we went over to Belgium, I found some Boxster seats on ebay which were cheap and local, and as they fit straight in thought why not! They're in pretty good condition and will do until I can afford some fancy interior. My lovely boyfriend wired them up and fitted them for me last week, and this is how they look Yesterday I took the car to VWNW at Tatton Park, which is one of my local shows and always a good day out. I had a good day and the rain held off which made it even better, yay Just a few poopty photo's that I took of the TT there It was the first show I've really shown the car at and it's made me realise that I think I want a show car again....this could get expensive Next things on the list: Find a full leather rear bench to go with the Porsche seats Space the rears!
  7. Project Daily TT

    Thanks for the comments everyone The wheels should be getting changed soon, but I'd wanted the 3SDM's for so long that it had to be done! And I think they suit TT quite well.
  8. Project Daily TT

    Last week we took the TT to Vag United indoor show in Belgium, which was awesome! It was the first foreign show that we've been to and it was the shows first year so we weren't too sure what to expect, but it was great and we'll definitely be going back next year. Before we went, the car paid to visit to Strada Auto for some last minute work and this happened... Thanks again to Mr Shelvey for getting the air sorted for me so last minute, and his work is on point. Now I need to get it sitting how I want it as we haven't had time to play around with the fitment yet!
  9. Project Daily TT

    Sorry for being so rubbish at replying on here! There are a few changes happening in the next couple of week's so I will update soon
  10. Project Daily TT

    Sorry for not responding sooner guys! The TT's not had much love for the past few months after I decided to keep it pretty much standard and just use it as a 'sensible' daily while money was being spent on buying a house and other grown up type stuff! But after a bit of a push from the boyfriend and a Christmas present in the form of a set of 3SDM's (which I've been saying for the past 2 years I wanted for the TT!), I decided to get my arse into gear and make some changes. So the week before Ultimate Dubs was spent getting the car cleaned up and making a few changes. First was a new twin exit exhaust and QS rear valance, which I've only had since Christmas 2012 We took the chance to give it a proper clean Then the coilovers were wound back down and the wheels went on I also added a number plate blank, and we were ready for the trip down to UD Hopefully more changes soon...
  11. Yes that's correct. The show will be opening to the public from 5pm on Saturday night this year, so all indoor show cars will need to arrive by 4pm
  12. Project Daily TT

    I would, go for it and thanks! Thank you. Haha yeah I will, gonna wait till I've got new wheels though and then sort the height out! Thanks Neil I won't forget about the Polo don't worry, just need the space, time and money to get going on it again! Thank you Thanks! Didn't have chance to have a mess with the height or wash the car as I'd planned today, but did manage to get a couple of better photo's of how it sits at the moment. The height will do for now, I'll get it lowered when I get some new wheels on it
  13. Project Daily TT

    No I haven't. I'm not gonna be going too low just yet though, not until I get new wheels on anyway so we'll see then. The camber's not too bad at the moment though Thanks Yeah the lights annoyed me too, I like things symmetrical Thank you
  14. Project Daily TT

    So my birthday present arrived yesterday, after months of putting off buying them... and today was as good a day as any to get them on. While the wheels were off I thought I'd give the arches a bit of a clean too. I gave the rear arch liners a clean while they were off - a quick before and after And the front arches: Before After Not perfect but at least you can see what colour they're supposed to be now I gave the arch liner screws a bit of a clean too I was going to paint the callipers too but didn't have time so I'll do these in the next few weeks. Gonna have a play with the height tomorrow after it's settled a bit so I'll get some proper photo's then if I get chance, but just a quick one for now
  15. Ash's 6n2 Gti

    Looks great, the wheels really suit it