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  1. Das 6 pro plus with Lake Country orange pad with Sonax Cut max. You will need nothing else if you allow the polish to break down. Patience is key when wanting to achieve a nice burnished finish.
  2. Yes the C63's sound amazing but after driving my friends the only way I could describe it as numb! I love my 8P, was awesome with Evoms intake, Milltek turbo back, Loba fuel pump with Revo stage 2+ software really does surprise me every time I drive it :-). You could always go for the sport back version to help with space for the little ones ;-)
  3. 8P S3 are a good choice also Mark, £13k-£14k and will tune upto 360-370hp without traction issues of a Edition30
  4. mk2 golf 20vt

    This looks awesome Nick, will be a very well sorted MK2 put together with alot of thought and well engineered performance goodies.... I should have my old 20v MK2 back soon also :-) so once your back we'll have to hook up...
  5. Oh cool, sounds like it will be a simple task then. I have 2007 S3 now as a trackday toy as sold my MK5 as it was too nice to modify. Keep me updated on parts front. There are quite a few things I want for the S3 like a PCV fix ect
  6. This is immense Dude could you explain in a bit more detail how you fitted the Forge Splitter valve, I can see you've used a boost tap but unsure of anything else...
  7. Heavenlys Caddy Project.

    Awesome Marc, really looking forward to seeing this... Hope its a UD next year??? John
  8. Lovely build this, get some videos up would love to hear how this sounds compared to the K04 set up
  9. As said previously, such a good upgrade kind of sucks Nilfisk didn't supply the machine with this in the first place...
  10. SL55 AMG

    Awesome work dude, I'd swap those lights out for 250w Metal Halides as they give more of a natural sunlight source if you have no sun... Regards John
  11. BBM mk2 vr6

    Paints still looking awesome if I do say so myself Matty
  12. Forget wax on silver, Zaino Z2 sealant is always my choice and is far more durable than any wax in the same price range. http://www.cleanyourcar.co.uk/zaino/z-2-pro-show-car-sealant/prod_466.html
  13. This is lower Vick On the plus side top car you have there Mark, send me your address as I have a few spare badges from when we owned ours and I'll get them out to you buddy... Hope all is well John
  14. What buckets do you use?

    Zaino & CYC, grit guards in both just to be safe....
  15. mk2 golf 20vt

    I'll drop you a message with some pictures and details before I put the adverts up dude...