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  1. My Jetta Sportwagen

    Thanks.. Siden skirts are the next on my: to do list.. But gti dosent fit.. but going to use GLI from av US Jetta..
  2. My Jetta Sportwagen

    Thanks all! Really nice the hear! Im really pleased with how the car has turned out from when i bought it And nice the hear that Im doing it right Lowered the car more now.. Now its all the way down in front BEFORE: NOW:
  3. My Jetta Sportwagen

    Finally they arrived! Made them ET45 in front, and rear they are stock(ET41) 225/35.. No rubbing! Some crappy pictures..
  4. My Jetta Sportwagen

    Thanks! Nice to hear! can't wait to see how the car will turn out with Bentleys!
  5. My Jetta Sportwagen

    oooh totaly forgot this thread since the car turned out a little different as the plan was.. since I got the wrong coils I just bought some springs and sold the MRR wheels + sold the R32 bumper.. (just a family car with my son and my girlfriend) Then I bought some Omanyt reps in 8.5x19 ET45 with 225/35 It turned out like this: and then I thought; Fu@K IT! bought ED30 spoiler: then I bought Votex rear spoiler + custom exhaust. It turned out like this: After 2-3 weeks with the wheels, i sold them and bought coils an OZ MITO reps in 19x8.5 ET45 with 225/35.. Turned out like this: so, now after 2 months with that setup I sold the wheels yesterday.. And today I bought Bentley Monoblock GT Hope that I receive them in a week.. So when I'm receiving them, I will lower my car some more! a picture of the wheels I found on google..
  6. My Jetta Sportwagen

    The H&R Low coils arrived, but they shipped the wrong size to me I recived 55mm shocks, but I have 50mm on my car.. F***! So the new shocks wont arrive before late january!
  7. My Jetta Sportwagen

    Thanks Hope it will be something to watch on, for now, its just a booring Sportwagen.. thanks Miss my bagged Mk3! Was a great time But hope this car will turn up nice in the end
  8. My Jetta Sportwagen

    First, from Norway so my english is not that good.. Just bought me a 2008 Jetta Sportwagen.. Here in Norway we get it with 1.9tdi 105hp. A small engine, but fine for a daily driver.. Some specs: The color is Platinum Gray Metallic. Sportline Panorama sun roof Bi-xenon +++ But I cant have the car like this! So I have ordered some stuff to make it looks a little bit different - H&R Monotube Low coils - OEM Votex rear spoiler - OEM Votes rear bumper - OEM R32 front bumper(arrived) - 2500K fog lights + yellow lamin-x for the fog lights(arrived) - MRR HR-2 19x8.5 Et45(arrived) - New OEM rear tail lights (arrived) - 17" winter(arrived) And during the winter/next year I have to order/to do - OEM side skirts, maybe from a US GLI Jetta - custom dual exhaust (1 on each side) - Tint the front windows - RNS-510 This is how it looks now before I start to mount the new parts: The new wheels have arrived from US The new OEM R32 front bumper: This is one of my other cars I have had.. Custom build AirLift airride(Dont know if you remember it?, but anyways, a picture)
  9. My Daily: 04 Passat Estate 1.9tdi 4Motion

    SOLD Bought a house 2 days ago, so needed a cheap car.. So picking up a 2000 B5 Passat Variant 1.8T tomorrow... But I kept the RH wheels
  10. My Daily: 04 Passat Estate 1.9tdi 4Motion

    Finaly I won a auction on ebay.de And a very nice price! RH ZW4(porsche cup) in 18"..
  11. My Daily: 04 Passat Estate 1.9tdi 4Motion

    thanks! They are crappy copies.. Didnt have the time to buy genuine from germany(alomost impossible to find in Norway). Sold my summer wheels and didnt have anything to use so needed some wheels fast.. But since its 19" winter wheels, its ok for me But in the summer i dont run on copies..
  12. My Daily: 04 Passat Estate 1.9tdi 4Motion

    some new pictures of the car cant have it lower since I have 235/35.. And smaller tyres in the winter here in Norway is not a option on a daily.. A LOT of snow and ice here..
  13. My Daily: 04 Passat Estate 1.9tdi 4Motion

    hmm.. what kind of with and offset on 19" is the best ro run wothout rolling the fenders?( a little bit is ok, but wont destroy it)
  14. My Daily: 04 Passat Estate 1.9tdi 4Motion

    Recived the wrong mirror But the right mirror arrives tomorrow Same as the UK one.. But here in Norway we have the large side mirror on the left side, and the small side mirror on the right side.. Wantet to get the same on both sides.. thanks Thanks Love the V2 on this car! its a family car so needed coils that have some comfort + going low enough.. FK Silverline X doesnt go low enough on this car(4motion)
  15. My Daily: 04 Passat Estate 1.9tdi 4Motion

    Ready for the winter 19" RS6 with 235/35 winter tyres.. need to raise it 10mm since the tyre hit the fender when Im turning