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  1. passat vr5 misfie

    misfires on my 170 is 99/100 times a coilpack yours will be a 150 with a single coil pack not sure how yous check that other than plugging vagcom in
  2. Adjustable Top Mounts- MKV Golf

    surely it just replaces original top mount as it just sits on top of a spring mount regardless of manufacturer of spring/damper/coilover
  3. v5 AQN knock sensor

    So i noticed my MPG had dropped a bit so put my code reader on expecting it to be the usual coil pack but instead its saying knock sensor 2 check torque. Now i know roughly where it is and what it looks like but i just cant see it from the engine bay. Is it easy to get to from underneath or is it a remove this that and the other just to get to it jobby? would like to know what i`m up against befor i jump in cheers
  4. toledo v5

    5 and 10mm spacers now fitted but needs just a bit more lows to still be a daily with it being a v5 its got a low sump
  5. toledo v5

    Cheers mate. Good clean and more lows at the weekend and ill get some decent pics up
  6. jom coilovers

    ive heard that dpm do front shocks seperately so presuming they do rears too
  7. toledo v5

    Hi all, been a member for a while but only just started posting since spending some money on my toledo Ive owned it for over 4 years but only since things started to get really worn have i jumped back into the modified ship 1st stop was the dreaded bushes, just the front, then it would be rude not to change the rears wouldn`t it, but then the drop links were knocking so they were changed and then the knocking made the jump up to the top mounts. Again if the fronts are worn then surely the rears will be too ! It was at this point i realised just how worn the dampers were and decided on a set of joms, once fitted i wound the rears up as high as they would go until things started to settle down and drove it around for a few weeks like this [/img] Been looking at wheels for ages, just dreaming mostly but being a R32 fan i realy had my heart set on some, only seen them on 1 leon cupra and they were painted black so didn`t realy stand out too much but never seen them on a toledo. After much arm twisting of friends trying to get me onto the LM route i noticed some R32 reps on ebay with a deal on them so snapped them up. Well that was last weekend and after fitting, quickly started winding the coils down where its currently lower than the picture below 5mm front and 10mm rear spacers are on order and a final play will ensue The car is my daily ride so cant go too low Cheers for looking
  8. Hub centric spacer question

    they dont work on my toledo its got 13mm and 16mm hub flanges so had to use non hubcentric
  9. Got a toledo with one week old joms on and currently running std 16" alloys with 5mm spacers on the front to clear the coils. I know my camber is out a bit (negetive) on one side (drivers) but ive just noticed that the wheel is barely clearing the strut on that side but loads of room on the other. Will moving the subframe over to sort the camber out when i get my wheel alignment done move the strut away from the wheel or does this sound like something is bent as the hub is the only thing i havent replaced Wishbones ball joints top mounts all renewed cheers just wanting my mind put at rest a bit
  10. toledo v5

    i realise the toledo shares same suspension set up as a golf4 bora so am i right in thinking a golf bora kit will fit aslong as i stick to a v5 ( i know the cupra leon dampers have different roll bar fittings ) kit as i have seen that the golf bora kits seem a bit cheaper than a leon toledo kit