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  1. My Lupo 1.4E

    oh yeah, where r u from?
  2. My Lupo 1.4E

    yup i know, coilovers will be coming soon hopefully
  3. My Lupo 1.4E

    more pics from what ive been doing today i painted my badges black: and then i sprayed my calipers from orange, to red: and in the middle of doing my calipers, i had a new windscreen fitted busy busy!
  4. My Lupo 1.4E

    Well, i'm new to this site so i'll introduce myself first my name's Yari, i'm 17 and from Tamworth! And here's my ride: Meet Lily... Next on the agenda: * Put my new bumper on, as the current one is all 'duck taped up' from a little accident lol * Lowering at some stage * Tints and just some little bits and bobs here and there! Thats all Thanks for looking!
  5. oops! i made 2 threads by accident! could an admin/staff delete this please, ta!