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  1. Worthersee 6th May - 14th Video..

    leeeeeeeeeeeeaaaave it out
  2. Worthersee 6th May - 14th Video..

    Unfortunately in the 7 years since you have gone, instead of maturing into a bigger and better gig, its already had its peak/prime time and unfortunately has been in decline in my eyes. Even though my first year was 2013. Annoying to say it as you can't help but avoid, but the incredible sheer numbers of cars that now attend (regardless of how much the drunk Germans bring back Edition Rave tent crica 2012 memories) actually ruins it. A fantastic place to have been with say (a rough guess) 3000 cars every where you look, but I wouldn't even want to think about how many turn up during peak times now. It's the place it is, because of where it is, maybe even more so than what it is (the cars). When the place is utterly over run with cars, you get to see less of them! Reifnitz busy, but still moving is what you want. A victim of its own (un-organised) success
  3. Madmanluke's Mk2 VR conversion

    ill take the oil filter housing from you if its going haha
  4. Madmanluke's Mk2 VR conversion

    So here is what Im up to. A cheap 24v AUM lump came up that I couldn't refuse. With Worthsee happening again this year.... why the flip not ay?! I initially was intending on starting the transplant around now, but i completely under estimated how much time these things take to do properly with added problems along the way. I actually started this 3week ago now and have spent most hours that ive been awake on it tackling all different parts of the car in a thorough sweep. I'm not one for forums any more, so i'll keep this to the point! Pre Op [/url] Mid op plus a rear bearing swap out! 24 hours later And Post op. We made an attempt at lashing the loom together but it wouldn't start. little did we know we were just one switched live away at the time from being able to drive it away that night. annoying but still so much done in that time. Once i had it back home me and mk1steve had another hash at the wiring loom and we got it started! After letting it idle for a little while a problem because quite apparent. The oil cooler was projectile vomiting oil and water out the front! All sorted now but it looks like during the initial push i had forgotten or net been able to tighten up the oil cooler nut fully. All sorted now! After we got it started, i figured I should probably now sort this out. 28 years worth of people screwing around with the wiring. So its got from this: To this: Still a bit of a work in progress, I've got new underlay to go in, a few more bits of wiring to confirm...oh.. and these to go in. A fresh trim i've finally had done.
  5. Madmanluke's Mk2 VR conversion

  6. I too am an audio visual commissioning engineer, and the closest i've been able to get is sound/audio engineer.
  7. The bane of my existence

    ohhhhhh bloooddy hell kaneeeeee!
  8. Vr6 Mk2 Scirocco.

    Does it work yet?
  9. Madmanluke's Mk2 VR conversion

    Charger setup has a deposit on it i'm afraid! Dave, dave dave.... How he's taken this long, and this many people to fit a VR is absolutely beyond me! I know steve! We can chop your's up and weigh it in too dude - i'm sure we will fit it all inside this
  10. Madmanluke's Mk2 VR conversion

    pooty. A little bit depressing but onwards and upwards. "For if I were to standstill, I'd never go anywhere" - me. Circa 5 seconds ago. Poignant. IMG_4554 by luke.pappin, on Flickr
  11. Supercharging VR6, ODB1 vs ODB2, advice please

    Message me - although I now only have the charger availible as a kit, and I have someone coming to view it tonight.
  12. Madmanluke's Mk2 VR conversion

    Haha yes - I am crazy! So here is the for sale link. http://www.edition38.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=544667&do=findComment&comment=5699396
  13. Madmanluke's Mk2 VR conversion

    I havent been able to make an official for sale thread but my engine is for sale.I need to sort some rear end damage on the car and id like to go back to an original vr setup for now to save some money. It can be viewed late saturday evening and sunday at Edition. give me a call on 078641 75066 if you want to discuss over the weekend. Otherwise lookout for an official for sale thread. _MG_8164 by luke.pappin, on Flickr _MG_8163 by luke.pappin, on Flickr 2015-05-05 at 15-28-56 by luke.pappin, on Flickr _MG_8413 by luke.pappin, on Flickr Untitled by luke.pappin, on Flickr
  14. Vr6 Mk2 Scirocco.

    I dont love you quite so much any more
  15. The bane of my existence

    heart u