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  1. Viabration after remap

    You probably do have a DMF given the age and engine. If the issue has cropped up after a remap then talk to whoever mapped your car. Was it a bespoke map or a generic map?
  2. Bit of wiring. Consult that rubber wiring bloke. Exhaust won't fit. Might need to fab up a downpipe. If you bought the whole Mk3 you don't need to worry about the immob because you can swap the whole lot over.
  3. MK2 Engine Help

    If you need a PB give me a shout, I've got one cheap that I need shot of!
  4. mk4 tdi bottom end on kr head

    Yes the bores were... well, bored out. Talk to any decent engineering place.
  5. Battery warning light

    Kwik Fit will also tell you that you need a new battery and whatever else they can sell you. Probably try and tell you that you need new rear pads as well, had a giggle when they said that and I pointed out they were fitted new a week ago.
  6. Will this be legal or not?

    I'd tug that just to see what else is bodged on the car. No offence but if you've adapted wheels that clearly don't fit then what else doesn't fit?
  7. Dash Chrome strip Mk2

    No they don't. USA only was red stripe dash.
  8. MK2 GTi Exhaust

    Use the OEM exhaust rubbers.
  9. Oil suggestions for a 150k 1.8t?

    I put VW 5w40 in a 270k diesel. It's fine.
  10. 20vt-20v na question

    Wouldn't dick around with G60 management. Go standalone and finish with it. If you're supercharged you can use an n/a manifold.
  11. 20vt-20v na question

    You use a 20vT anyway for the lower compression then either make a G60 bracket work or make one up. Management and mapping.
  12. Which oldskool Alpine to use?

    I want your EQ!
  13. iPad install

    Not really, the screen resolutions on them are pony and the interface on a tablet can be prettier.
  14. 20vt-20v na question

    I assume your turbo has popped and you're hoping this is the cheap solution to keeping the car running? You can take the turbo off and fit the manifold and exhaust, bypass all the intake side and run a filter straight to the inlet like an n/a. You'll have low compression so bugger all power from it, you'll need the ECU and possibly some wiring adjustments to make it not run like a bag of poo and even then it'll still be a bit pony because the compression is wrong and it has the wrong cams. Replacing the turbo if that is the reason why would be easier. If you n/a then sell your setup as said, you could be quids in.
  15. Extending looms

    Eww twisted joints. Tin wires and then heat together and heatshrink then loom tape. Much nicer and satisfies my OCD.