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  1. James @ Restomod did a fantastic job on spraying my mk2 https://www.facebook.com/pages/RestoMod/371039446244936?sk=wall&filter=12
  2. Multiple gauges installing and fusing?

    What car is this on? Running 3 VDO gauges on my mk2 - just took a spare ignition live from the fusebox to run all 3. I just tapped into the ciggy lighter illumination to light them up.
  3. Remove wiper blank on mk2 golf

    As above, just done this 10 mins ago. Works a treat.
  4. mk2 Golf Gti 1.9 TSR 16v

    Car looks great! Just curious if you're running any proper G60 arch liners on the front? Have put G60 arches on the front of mine with GTI wings and the gap between the arch and wing annoys me
  5. Mk2 Golf 20v sleeper

    Nice build. That VDO gauge holder looks spot on too, much better than the crap plastic ones on the market. Fancy making another?
  6. Removing silicone sealant from paint

    Thanks, A good soaking with Plusgas/wd40 got it off in the end.
  7. Hi all, Was using some silicone sealant in the garage the other day and have managed to get a small blob on the paintwork of my mk2. I didn't notice at the time and now its dried its proving to be a bugger to remove. I've tried boiling water and scraping what I can off with my finger but a bit scared of marking the paint. I've heard WD40 is good for softening it but wondered if anyone knew better? Cheers
  8. Gti Inters - thoughts ?

    FFS loads of winging in this thread. I had a great time too. Weather was awesome, 30 odd quid for a whole weekend of camping is pretty good value if you ask me and the cost of going up the strip was pretty decent too. Personal preference I know but wasn't really too bothered about the show and shine, rather watch track action at a show where there's a dedicated circuit/strip! I can't compare to other Inters as I haven't been before but will definitely be going again next year. Chris Eyre, I don't know how you managed to stay in the heat most of the day commentating, you must have melted!
  9. rough price to renew valve stem oil seals?

    Used to chuck out a puff of blue smoke on overun and between gear changes - normal driving it was fine. Also smoked first thing in the morning on startup after being left overnight. At a guess if it smokes on a warm day the oil is probably a bit thinner and seeping past a seal. Any more specific instances of when it smokes? i.e at Idle, booting it etc? Do you have a compression tester? For the 5 mins it takes it'll help give a more rounded picture
  10. rough price to renew valve stem oil seals?

    Was around £150-£200 when I had them replaced a few years back. You can do it yourself using with compressed air (how mine were replaced in the garage) - no experience of doing this myself though. Worth bearing in mind any smoke issues could be the result of guide wear rather than the seals themselves though.
  11. the daily grey mk2

    Looks good - how easy was it to re-thread the gear stick out of interest? Job I need to do to mine. M12 x1.5?
  12. ABF misfire

    Thanks Guy, Comp tested a few weeks back and everything was ok there, even and consistant across all 4 cylinders. Alternator output and pressure leak down test is something I haven't checked so will add that to the list. Same with the injectors although this seemed all ok when I was driving the engine in the donor car before. Running a Mk2 coil to eliminate the crap mk3 coil pack - this is brand new. Vagcom shows no faults. Would a faulty throttle position sensor cause missfire issues then?
  13. ABF misfire

    I put an ABF into my Digi Mk2 Golf a few months back however I'm still trying to get to the bottom of a misfire issue. Basically the car starts and idles as it should to being with however randomly misfires at intermittent intervals when idling as it warms up. So far I've replaced: Crank sensor (genuine) ECU temp sender (genuine) ECU relay (genuine) Different dizzy New HT leads New plugs New rotor cap Loom checks out for continuity TPS wiring repaired Lamda probe unplugged to see if any difference (none) Anyone had a similar problem with their ABF? I'm at wits end with it now Cheers
  14. Machine polishing Tornado red

    Thanks for all of the replies, some useful info Heavenly, looks as though you know exactly what you are doing! Nice results, where are you based? I actually had a crack at the car a few backs - probably did it completely wrong but the car came up ok. I haven't tackled any of the heavy swirls etc but I a lot of the oxidation has gone. After watching lots of youtube vids, and reading that handy guide I buzzed over the whole car using a CG white hex logic so minimal cut and started with some autofinesse paint cleaner. I then tested the restomax in an unnoticeable place with sympathetic results so did the whole car. Don't get me wrong it's by no means 'corrected' but I didn't burn through any paint and it looks a lot better than it did to start with so happy for a first attempt with a machine polisher
  15. Machine polishing Tornado red

    In the middle of nowhere unfortunately but is something to consider thanks. Will look into it. Just watching lots of tutorials on YouTube etc at the moment. Good tip cheers. So I'm guessing it's best to just use a finishing polish for now like the 205 rather than anything with any cut. As I say I'm not looking for a flawless finish, just a tidy up and unfortunately I don't have the budget to splash out a fortune on endless products.