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  1. I always wanted windy windows....

    Finally txt me today saying its been lost in the post and he is unable to claim because its been 8 weeks. I have been on his case after waiting a week of not receiving it. So that's not my problem that he hasn't been bothered to claim. Said he's willing to give me half my money back which I'm not willing to accept because him not being bothered to claim is not my problem!!
  2. I always wanted windy windows....

    Still down to the seller to arrange a claim. Said he would but I suppose its easier to avoid calls/txts
  3. I always wanted windy windows....

    Still not received my steering wheel from this c@ck paid over 2 months ago. Ignores calls and doesn't reply to texts but still manages to get on here daily.
  4. I always wanted windy windows....

    Paid mr Moley for a steering wheel over a month ago. Still not received and hasn't replied to texts for the last few days. Claiming it has been lost in the post....
  5. Bbs rs replicas

    Yea we know that you don't know how to post, you sold a steering wheel in jan 2011 and 2 years on it still hasn't been received you mug!!!
  6. Mk2 coupe

  7. Mk2 coupe

  8. Mk2 coupe

    still LHD
  9. mk1 series one rebuild

    wow nice build
  10. Mk2 coupe

    lol go home yep
  11. Mk2 coupe

    thanks guys, not going to post too many pics until i get it on the road now. plates no longer going on there as i have something else for it
  12. Mk2 coupe

    thanks, yep still on the steels
  13. Mk2 coupe

    Ive had my coupe a while now. Haven't really posted any pics so here's a feeler This is how I picked her up Few changes (rubbish phone pics) Lots of things planned as always...
  14. westmoreland mk2

    going to keep on eye on this buld, good work mate!
  15. MY BBM Blue Mk2 Jetta (Daliy Slag)

    PHAT!!!! :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: