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  1. my mk5 gti

    cant wait for this to be finished.. absolute animal!!!! GREAT WORK MATE.. was nice to meet you!
  2. Static Audi a3 s-line 8p

    Very good photos you took today josh. Can't beieve how well they both are sat! Love that last pic of mine
  3. Static Audi a3 s-line 8p

    Seen this car again tonight and still can't get my head round actually how low it is to say it still static. Love it josh!! Deffo one that stands out from the crowd We will do your car Friday too
  4. Static Audi a3 s-line 8p

    love your audi mate need to get them rotas
  5. Mk5 Golf on air

    love them wheels for reps.. are they the ebay ones as thats what i was after for mine but wondered what quality of them are like?? love your golf btw
  6. My Graphite Blue Mk5 Golf

    need some more pics mine getting how i want it now. did you wire front fogs up??
  7. Reggie The More Door MK5

    Headlight pics please Jonny
  8. Still StaTTic Audi 8j

    good to see you got the wheels on hope your looking after them!!
  9. Low Entry Jack ?

    i got a clarke one from machinemart, was £108 but is perfect... all depends on how much you wanna spend
  10. W.I.P Anniversary

    where abouts do you work as i recognise this.. with you only living 30 miles away. very nice by the way
  11. 2007 Polo GTi

    very nice oliver ;-)
  12. VW Golf MK5.... :D

    a bit too smooth for my liking but love the colour scheme the satin black on white works really well. its a credit to you keep it up
  13. mattys a4 b6

    i tried them wheels on my b6 with 20mm adaptors all round. sat ok on the back on the 10s but would have ran a 225/35/19 on
  14. riskies rides

    loving the a6