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  1. Mk2 Golf GTI 8v

    Cheers everyone, I've got the paint code in the garage I'll find out what it is! A few more bits have turned up, the front badge to fill in the nice whole in the grill and I now have a Nardi steering wheel on it, just waiting for the horn. (Excuse the poor pics)
  2. Mk2 Golf GTI 8v

    This was when I picked it up, and below after its first wash. And now the most recent pics with the grill fitted, indicators, splitter, wheels etc.
  3. Mk2 Golf GTI 8v

    I've wanted a Mk2 for a few years not but ended up owning a few different cars such as an MX5, E46 M3, E36 328 and most recently a Lexus GS430. And now the Golf, I've only had it for a few days, the interior has had a deep clean, the bay has had one pass over but will probably take 2 or 3 more and the outside has had a good clean and seal.It is a 1986 8v GTI, which had the body work done and a full respray about 4 years ago by the previous owner.The mileage is currently just above 104,000 miles and will be my daily for a while until I can get a second car.Plans are:Interior,Re-glue the head lining.Get the drivers seat repaired, small tear on the bolster.Fit my Grip Royal steering wheel.Get my Alpine head unit in and rewire/ replace all of the speakers.Exterior,New wheels, not 100% what yet.New bumpers with chrome trim.New single lamp front grille with chrome trim. (Ordered)Small splitter. (Ordered.)Better headlight bulbs (Ordered)New side repeaters and front indicator lenses (Ordered)Front GTI badge (Ordered)Rear Golf GTI badge (Ordered)Engine,Rebuild the shifter linkage (Ordered)Paint the engine.Maintain it!Those are the plans, they aren't going to be particularly quick as I should be moving into my first house in 6 - 8 weeks, and have a wedding booked for next year!So here's the car
  4. MK2 Oak Green - OEM Guise

    It's looking good though, I'm after a Mk2 at the moment, I've been looking through everyone's build threads and yours isn't helping! How was it as a daily?
  5. MK2 Oak Green - OEM Guise

    Nice work tidying this up, I think Oak Green is now my favourite Mk2 colour.
  6. My first Mk2

    Shame to see this go, what are you getting next then?
  7. Audi SQ5

    This looks unreal The new wheels really suit it, very well done.
  8. Rainbird's LCR

    It looks like you've put a good amount of work into this and turned it around! It's looking much better now
  9. mike the polisher?

    Mike's work is spot on, when I had mine done I sent them on a Monday morning and had them back by Thursday morning. From this: To this:
  10. mk2 audi tt

    This looks awesome after the paint correction Nice job!
  11. Matt's Ibiza Mk4 FR

    Nice to see you still have this! it's looking really good at the moment
  12. I wasn't expecting all of this from a Passat! By far my favourite one ever. Awesome work!